Now the Fast

From baseball, that is.  107 days until pitchers and catchers report to spring training.

Hot-Stove Heater time.  Awards, free agents, negotiations, rumors – all of the off-season goings-on.  Likewise, the day-to-day predictions as to which team will do what in 2019.  Of course, ending on the top of the heap paints the bulls-eye on the Red Sox – especially by the Yanks.  That both Kershaw and Machado could be lost to the Dodgers in free agency will be a major factor, as will the incessant talk about Bryce Harper.

Suspense, intrigue, closing of deals and contracts – it should make for an interesting off-season.

It’s okay, my Celtics are at full strength.  They’ll keep Red Sox Nation busy until spring training.  🙂

One comment on “Now the Fast

  1. Tina says:

    Mornin’, Jeff. I shared this over at DP , but in case you missed it. My husband ran across this last night and played it for me this morning. This is Ricky Scaggs’ daughter Molly.

    Have a great day today!

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