It’s Good Saturday

There is little I could add to the view of a crucifix yesterday.  I didn’t even try.  Good Friday – which it is to us (or should be!) – is what it is – like Easter Sunday.  So – we can rejoice.  Go here and read.

On the morrow, I will complete my fourth move since I became a nomadic widower.  I wouldn’t even be making this move, were it not that my baby brother asked me to come his way.  He lost his bride barely 10 weeks ago.  I was there not that long ago myself.  I could not say “no” – and especially since I wear “the yoke.”

But I want to do so.

That does not make the last two days of packing and boxing all I am and have and putting it into my vehicle any less taxing.  Sugar, shyte and shavings, I just hit # 65 this past Tuesday!  Not complaining, mind you, but I so fully earned those 65 years my bones are weary.  And Medicare dutifully extracted its blood money from my check, even though SS is “supposed” to be 30 days behind, and it should have come out of my check next month, not this one.  Spilt milk I can’t recover anyway.

It seems fitting that, on this Easter weekend, that I can go and help my brother “rise” from the death of his bride.  Don’t ask me to describe that kind of pain – I simply cannot.  He helped me greatly after my dear Sweet Mama Lou literally died in my arms – can I do less for him?  I think not.

There are those who are blessed in that they can live and even die in the same place.  Since I put on my weird collar some 32 years ago, I knew I would never be one of those folk.  This is a “pastoral” move – much like a “Call” – it demands my attention and I must answer.  As I have to every Divine Call, so to this one.  I said “Yes.”  I had/have  no other choice.

So I will leave my humble, comfortable little abode, and along with my faithful, if often obstinate Pug, move to my new adventure in the morning sunlight.  I suppose it really is kind of fitting it happens on this weekend.  It is said that timing is everything.  I don’t know that for sure, but this time it just seems right.  It is my Lenten offering and my thanksgiving for tomorrow (it is now Good Saturday) all wrapped up together.  I pray my presence will be of help to him, and that I might have a word or two of wisdom to impart him in all of this.

Or maybe, just my “being there.”  He was when I needed someone to be.

No “Easter Sermon” this year.  Life is fulfilling that role.  I am bidding adieu to some very good neighbors who adopted me and Da Pug as if we were their own.  Melancholy, baby – yes.  But on to a new vista.  This life is not one-dimensional.  It is a challenge, and an opportunity.  Would that the youngsters currently grabbing the headlines were able to understand that fact.

I pray the joy of Easter upon all.  Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ WILL come again!

Pax Domini



Things are happening fast.  The SH’ingTF is happening fast.  Search the net and understand.

I am enjoying the show.

Plenty of popcorn (white cheese, of course) and brewskis as necessary.


Coming Attractions

I have been hinting at a number of things of late, and I suppose, given circumstances, I will continue to do so.  Matters are out there to be known, but I am simply amazed at the numbers of folks who refuse to know them.  Their reasons are legion – from “I don’t understand” to “Oh, that’s just yet another conspiracy theory.”

Folks who claim they don’t understand are admitting they don’t want to do the work of understanding.  Many of them are Christians who decry the ways of the world (a good thing), and then simply refuse to heed the words of their Savior opening Matthew 16 (1-3):

And the Pharisees and Sadducees came, and to test him they asked him to show them a sign from heaven.  He answered them, “When it is evening, you say, ‘It will be fair weather, for the sky is red.’  And in the morning, ‘It will be stormy today, for the sky is red and threatening.’  You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times.

Yes – I know full well these three verses are quite Christological and Soteriological.  Then again, so is the entire Revelation to St. John.  In both instances, what is lacking is the failure to appreciate the signs of the times.  In the Incarnation, it is in the 2nd Article of the Creed.   But one should take note of the end of the 2nd Article:

“He shall come again to judge the living and the dead.”


This is Holy Week, and all that it implies.  Very critical stuff.  But to focus entirely on that without a view toward that very last statement of the 2nd Article is to miss it all, in an odd sort of way.  I’ll put it this way.  I believe in the Resurrection of Christ.  Goes without saying for my part.  But do I believe in my own resurrection?  Speaking for myself, I most certainly do, but were I to ignore that, I would then be casting aside the entire purpose for Christ’s Resurrection.


If we for whatever reason fail to work through the present signs of the times, as Jesus counseled back in his earthly days, and as St. John’s Revelation calls us to do in the time since, with what are we left?

A faith with no assurance of fulfillment.


St. John was caused by the Holy Spirit to write his words for a very specific reason – that we might know and see the signs of the times within the context of the entire Incarnation.  He did not write so that charlatans, such as Hal Lindsay and his ilk, could make huge bucks of their false, chiliastic predictions.  He did so that we might know and understand what is unfolding before our very eyes, in our times.  I do not have to be “apocalyptic” – God caused John to be so.  I need only observe and see and herald the news” and continue to believe.


As a WCW, I was called and ordained to watch – we are referred to as “watchmen” in the Old Testament.  In addition to the many words Paul wrote in the beloved Pastoral Epistles, Ezekiel 3:17 adds an emphasis that cannot be overlooked:

“Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel: therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me.”

Whoa!  How come there are not reams of written sermons on that verse alone?  A mere prophet – preacher – called by the title Christ took to Himself – “Son of Man.”  The Ministry must be Christological and if so, then likewise –  Incarnational.   The Word became flesh.  There is a depth to all of that would need a Doctoral dissertation to unpack.  Maybe before I die, but I know and understand it.

Watchman.  I always understood my calling – my task.  It is that which got most all of the prophets persecuted in and by Israel, and by which many solid Christian pastors today as likewise treated.  Why?

Because we have been taught to see what is coming – both in political terms, and in terms of the complete fulfillment of the Gospel and our promised resurrections.


Present day events in society, in politics, and in theology are no surprise to me.  What does surprise me is the number of folks who take offense at the words of a “watchman.”  Such caused many of Israel’s prophets anguish; no less so today.


God calls men to a certain position for a reason – be they a president of a country such as our country; or of a humble pastor to a given flock.  It is very much incumbent upon such men to herald/proclaim danger from their position and view of matters.


Given the many, many voices out there, mine is but a solitary plea.  Look not only to the signs of the sky and weather, but at the events that are exploding in our midst that are indeed signs of the times.  Will Christ come in my now few years left?  Won’t even venture a guess – that is above my pay grade.  But I do believe for those in Christ truly watching the signs of the time, something massive is afoot.  I might be wrong . . . but I don’t think so.

We shall see, and I believe – soon.  Pax

Big Ships . . .

Turn slowly.  Apply that to either the Church, or the gummint, and you should get it.  Problem is, in our country, we are spoiled – used to simply stomping our feet, demanding “NOW!” – and willing to get rid of whoever does not give us what we want RIGHT NOW!


It is easy to succumb to such temptation.  But I keep in mind these verses always – for either matters political or theological.


We have a political situation in America that is a good bit beyond verbal description.  True, there are those out there doing a yeoman’s work in trying to explain it to us impatient Americans, and also, cautioning us to be patient.  What the administration and President Trump are facing in terms of criticism and ridicule is unprecedented.  Fortunately, he doesn’t care, which is a cause for hope when the crazies foam at the mouth.  If folks spent as much time actually studying issue as they do running their mouths, or keying comments at various and sundry sites, perhaps more would understand just what has really happened, and what it will take to fix it.


I am not going into a long treatise as to how communism has so infiltrated the left, and partly, the right.  The few that read this site already know and understand.  But as with theology, so with politics.  Unless you study to fully understand, you speak through your hat in whatever venue.  The present vehicle of self-opinionism – as in – “I am right no matter what!” – is simply absurd.  But the counter arguments are often just as weak – not offering solutions, but only condemnations.


We have lost our ability to engage in rhetoric and the dialectic – in the art of logic.  Go do your own searches, but unless we return in honest fashion to such matters, this present idiocy in both the Church and gummint will continue.


As I have said here before – I really do try to avoid commenting anywhere online.  Not because I am of afraid of identity theft – anyone committing such upon me will return it in 15 minutes anyway.  I just truly cannot stand trying to argue – in the right sense of the word – with those countless numbers who demand their opinions are foremost and to be accepted without a shred of proof.  That is to succumb to stupidity.


I am aware I am talking along here in the late night to few, if any.  It’s okay – I deflate from all of the gas of the given day here – which is why I started this site.  No adv’s, no monetization, nor multiple links all over the net.  I was there once.  No – not Drudge-like numbers, but 1000 a day was not at all out of the ordinary.  Now, but a fraction.  Fine by me.  I don’t have to answer all the self-opinionism that might come flying in otherwise.


I suppose there is a sermon in the above, but I will leave that until tomorrow, or a tomorrow beyond, since I will be busy on the real morrow.  Partially with a move, and partially with dedicated reading.  The internet offers many very good things, and as many very bad things, and a day off or two each week has proven to be of immense benefit.


Patience, and learning to think.  Two wonderful human qualities.  The patient, thinking ship’s captain accomplishes the turn.


What Goes Around . . .

We all know that old saying.  It always seems to come around.

My baby half-brother offered me a very decent rent to stay at his joint after my dear Lou died.  It was a good thing.  I could move from the digs that reminded me of my sweetie way too much, culled half our “stuff,” and began the process of moving on.  But the return of his sweetie’s cancer last summer, in her bones, created a terminal crisis, and I had to move on, which I did, and am now quite comfortable.  Da Pug and I have a more than sufficient studio apartment that is all we need.

But life is always more complicated than we want or desire.

He is still stuck with her two sons – both very recalcitrant about going on their own – which they were even before their mother died.  These guys are both 30 or “ish” – but their Mama doted on them, sad to say, and they are poorly prepared for the real world.

Now . . . as I said – I am quite comfortable, living in my small joint and having the bucks each month to pay bills and wants.  But Lil Bro called today and apologized for all the reasons for my pretty sudden departure late last summer, and asked me to come back.  One half of me said okay immediately.  The other half called me to consider why.

The two grown sons are the proverbial pain in the gluteus maximus.  When I was there I saw right through them, which both of them hated, and coupled with Elaine’s cancer caused me to have to move on.  But they have continued sponging off Lil Bro and doing little otherwise, except to denigrate him at every opportunity.  He cannot summarily order them out – he has yet to settle some serious matters with E’s estate, and cannot afford to piss off the family by booting out the two leeches.  Meanwhile, they are quick to tell their side of fam all he says or does, and they also want her quite expensive ring, which he wears around his neck.

So he turned to me, and invited me back.  Long term, if I desire.

Financially, it is a very good move.  But that is not why I am doing it, because I am okay without it.  He needs my help getting rid of the two slugs.  They detest me because I see them for what they are, and they know I do.  And Lil Bro’s thinking, along with my other brother’s thinking, is that my presence there will force their hand and make them move into their own digs, or in with other family.  Lil Bro does NOT need them around.  They are whiny, negative individuals. So . . .

I am going to go for a week – just to see what happens.  That leaves me a bit more than a full week of paid rent (month-to-month) before a complete move, which is more than likely to occur.  A bit of an adventure, but this time, I hold the upper hand.

Since Lil Bro works from home, we could, as he suggested, get our own joint when the  house goes repo – the other major fallout from all of the matters.  It seems the half-life of shyte-gone-wrong is somehow forever, or something.  So I must go do what I can to help my brother.  It is what it is, and I know what I must do.  Sometimes, ya just gotta –

This is one of those times.

Connecting the Whatevers

One used to say “Connect the dots” . . . but that is an old reference regarding children’s puzzles and also used by one PW Herman, who exposed himself in more ways than one.

I am speaking to current events.

Of course, on that subject, one could pretty much answer “chaos” and seem to be right on beam.  One needs only to look at the mess we call “society,” or the “Unity of the Church,” or the lines between good and evil.  There is a craziness that seems to belie rational thinking, and in truth, it does in great part.

When I was a kid, I was one of those who no matter what my folks’ answers to my questions, I would then ask – “But why?”  I have never outgrown the tendency.  The answers, or attempted answers to my “But Why’s” – were intriguing then, and perhaps even moreso – now!

A catch-phrase of recent decades to any questions about things that seem amiss is – “That’s just a conspiracy theory.”  That phrase is intended as a discussion-ender. and for many – even most – it does end the questioning.  Truth is, most folks never ask “But Why?”  They are either uninterested, or too frightened of the answer they might get.


As a side note – I see I had a visitor from Australia.  Welcome!


To say America has been ruled by a cabal is an understatement, and as the facts are now emerging, just how much we have been so ruled is astounding.  And its tentacle stretch into a number of other countries.  As Q likes to say – watch for parallels and too many coincidences.  There is much afoot at present.  Few are “woke” in the right direction – but there will be much coming public soon.


I cannot account for Pope Francis.  I dasn’t call him devious – but I will call him deluded.  He is professedly socialist (communist), and what possible connection he tries to make between that and the One Holy Faith would seem to be far beyond my pay-grade, except it is not.  Unseen by most, and Pope Em. Ratzinger has yet to speak out – but Frank is trying to re-make the Church.

But the same is occurring within my Confession – the LCMS.  I have commented on one site that addresses the very issue, and been discussing it with a friend who was “there” when the negatives were really going down.  It is no better within the Church than it is in politics, and both are in an extreme case of flux.


Solutions?  Return to the radical.  One’s roots. as it were – which is what the word actually means, and not the crap-peddling junkies that clutter up either the political or the theological landscapes.  For the pols – pay attention to the Donald and not the commie dems and their mouthpieces – the MSM.  For the Church – quit trying to play to the culture.  It has never worked before – the expectation that it will magically somehow do so this time is an exercise in nonsense.

Return to the proper preaching of the Law and the Gospel.  They both will greet you on “that day” as Luther wrote of the Parousia.  Their verdict will then be most important to you.