Not My Usual Fare

As a news junkie in addition to my work as a WCW, I am quite aware of the despicable behaviors over at Google.  Anyone still unfamiliar with the term Social Justice Warrior (SJW) needs to purchase this book ASAP.   I am more than aware of the whole issue, and have long employed a “You’re wrong, and it’s not worth a discussion” approach to those who try it on me.

In my case, it is issues in the Church – and none of it new, but merely a newly mixed re-hash of old heresies and the like.  Those can easily be dealt with using Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions.

However, it came close to home again these last two weeks, egregious enough to warrant some words here.  But not in or about the Church.

I have a dear, dear friend who befriended me not long after my Sweet Mama Lou died, and I cannot begin to calculate the true Christian charity this man exhibited in helping me past the harsh grief immediately after her death.  I will simply call him “John.”

John is a black man with three children, two grown, a man who is still married to the bride of his youth some 24 years later.  Devoted family man, and a very hard worker.  He worked at one of the chain convenience store/gas stations that are all over H-Town.  He could be behind the register, out doing lot maintenance of any kind, found in the cooler separating and stacking large deliveries of beer and soft drinks, keeping the whole lunch area stocked and ready for the invasion of the lunch-time construction workers in the area.  Once asked him what he got for his many labors.  It was only $8 and hour, but he was soon to get a raise to $9 an hour.

Recently, there was a shift in management at the store.  Apparently the former manager had had enough of the women trying to run the show, and took another job out of the company.  Next in line was the least personable individual working at the store – an extremely overweight, obnoxious and loud Hispanic woman who treated her customers, especially the many men in during the lunch rush, with open disdain.  I was admittedly surprised, and asked John about it, as well as several of the other female employees I had befriended and who had great customer relations.  To a person their faces turned ugly, and they just said “not here.”  I got it.

But with my truck in the shop for this past extended time until Tuesday, John was my Mr. Uber.  Even down to my happy assignment last week as a guest Pastor, where he stayed and joined us in worship.  But his mind has been on his job, and I have been trying my best to keep him in a cash flow as the new boss has begun to exact her price on male employees.

It all started as soon as she took over the week before last.  First to go, Mr. Astro, as I called him, as devoted to the ‘Stros as I am to my Red Sox.  Great discussions.  Older white fellow, willing to work whatever hours.  He was simply given a sheet a paper stating he had refused to do his job and she insisted he sign it so she could terminate him.  He saw it coming, I think, and just walked out.  That left, out of some 20 employees, of which only two were males, and the other, like John, a black man.  I told John to watch his back really close.

Now – John had to work 6 hours, 7 days a week.  Under the old manager, he was often asked to stay over, or cover other employee absences.  No matter to Not-so Little Miss Tyrant.

Sure enough – last week, she presented John with the same printed sheet to sign as she did Mr. Astro.  He refused to sign it, and said he would not resign.  The woman went berserk, then called the police, and when the officer arrived, went off on a rant to him.

The officer, who was a regular in the store at lunch-time, when she finished her tirade, just laughed, and asked her exactly what law John had broken that needed his presence and was wasting his time.  She went nuclear, and the officer just simply walked out, shaking his head.  She immediately reduced John to one hour a day on the schedule.  He dutifully went in for the one hour each day.  Pissed her off – oh, my did it piss her off!  So yesterday, she gave him the sheet again to sign, he refused, and she fired him.

Talking yesterday, he told me I had read the situation exactly from the beginning, and yes, she fired the other male employee yesterday as well, as I had predicted.

Shades of Google.  But worse, an indication of the full flower of the progressives’ agenda for America, and an indication of how dull and weak any conservative response has been beyond individuals.  It is seriously stupid out there, and grown men are fearful for not only their jobs, but their careers.

I myself was very recently on the receiving end of one such woman’s machinations, but she didn’t realize I had planned well ahead and didn’t miss a beat.  She came up looking hilariously stupid to even herself.  Wasn’t my intent at all – she pressed very hard, so I went to plan B.  It cost her some serious cash out of her monthly income.  I tried to stop her, but she knew better.  Okay.  I am no one’s sitting patsy.

Having said that, this little rant is over.  But gents – beware.


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