Most certainly!  Let the sainted Doctor Marquart explain . . .

“How self-evident it seems to modern people that church-going amounts to simply a bit of ceremonial icing on the cake, a matter of parading and saluting! This might indeed be the case if there were no such things as means of grace. If God’s Word and Sacraments really did not do anything but only served as symbols or reminders of spiritual blessings to be obtained in some other way, then of course church services would amount to little more than religious ceremonialism topped with bits of ethical advice. But if Christ’s Gospel and sacraments constitute the very fountain of life and the river of salvation, and if Christians as poor sinners stand in need of these divine mercies, then it becomes quite impossible to maintain a “low” view of what happens in church.”

There really is not a whole lot to unpack from that quote from Kurt Marquart.  He was liturgically and theologically so very spot-on that it was a dream to sit at his feet, as I did at the Seminary, and learn from him.

But his points hold.  If the Word of God preached is not really the Word of God, but the religious talk many see it as; if one’s Holy Baptism is not the mighty work of the Holy Spirit through the water and the Word; if Holy Communion does not become the Divinely Ordained Body and Blood of the crucified and risen Lord Jesus Christ in the Pastor’s consecration of the elements, then Church attendance is useless.

Why are you even there?

And very sad to say – that is precisely the case for many in our midst as supposed Confessional Lutherans.

Back at it, finally, tomorrow.  For those who know, pray I hopefully can correct some of the nonsense above in those present, or on the airwaves.

If anyone from WordPress is reading this – your “new and improved editor” is none of the three!  Jes’ saying . . .





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