Welpers . . .

The sermon, the Bible Study and the hymns are all set to go.  The secretary has all the info, and everything is progressing well. Forgot to read the small print in the vacationing pastor’s e-mail – the Divine Service will be broadcast of the local radio station.  Been there, done that before.  Just have to be aware of the wireless mic so that goes as planned.

The truck is still in the “working on it” stage.   I just need Johann to get it right this time!

This new git-fiddle is training me up again.  A whole 5 years with strumming a single chord – I am a bit rusty.  Going to get my old hits repertoire back to 40 or so again, and I would like do so with Divine Hymns – not for the Divine Liturgy, but other Churchly functions.  Git me a small, but good amplifier, and I am good to go!  Used to do that back in the day.  Now – having my name on the Call List again (hopefully) brings back “the day.”  I need to get “un-retired” soon.

Of course, as I have mentioned many times before, I am a political junkie, along with the philosophical baggage of being a really old-school conservative – à la – The Muse of Mecosta.

Which means, of course, I am having a blast in the current political climate.  The commie dems are squirming – their old tactics don’t work, they have stinking scandals erupting all over the map, and frankly, the American populace, for the larger part, is simply tired of their crap.  Now, if only we could get rid of work on the corporation-beholden neo-cons in Congress, along with Ryan and McConnell!

Dream a little dream . . . oh well.

However . . . I am about finished with certain bloggers who have upped their game, but in doing so, have inundated their sites and their readers with a deluge of advertising.  I will speak to the two worst – WND.com and Gateway Pundit.  They bog things down with the computer.  The adv’s are asinine at best, and I, for one am done with it.  Writing them elicits nary a response, and I just ignore them now.  Drudge is not bad with the adv’s.  Breitbart seems to be starting to do what Hoft at Gateway Pundit has done (which in close to making their site unreadable), and I have news sources as good, or better, that don’t make me feel like willing schmuck willing to be sold the crap they advertise.

Getting down the chords and finger-picking on Thy Strong Word are a challenge.  CPH copyrights are a bugger-bear.  No chords or tabs are online.  Have to use the not-so-good-anymore ears to get thing nailed down!  But I am close.  I need to get me one of these puppies!  I’ll check out the pawn shops – you can nail some bargains!

The new, improved WordPress editor?  New, maybe, improved?  No.  They took several of the format items away from WP to force me to use the new.  So I go with it, then switch back and print and publish from the old WP format.

Da Pug and I are hanging out together – two old sons in the big city jes’ trying to make it.  Need our truck!  Coffee at 12:45am is prolly not the best thing for sleep, but it tastes good, and I pop a couple of melatonin tabs and I will be out like a light anyway.

BTW – the BLT at Waffle House is highly recommended.

Later, Sports Fans.


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