The Decision

He hesitated, in his many thoughts.  Can I go there? – he thought to himself.

John was agonizing over matters.  The Church clearly taught obeisance to the government in almost every circumstance, which he knew was Scriptural.  “But our government, as a Constitutional Republic, is ours to rule over!”  He knew that was true, too.  Of course, for the safety and well-being of his loved ones, he was armed, but if what was happening was the “rule of the day” – matters would quickly escalate beyond simple defense.

Although the media made it seems like it had all come about by the election of the new President, he knew far better than that.  It had been “coming about” his entire 60 plus years.  It was not new, but now, lines were drawn in the sand.  There were few, if any, options.  BLM and the Antifa had morphed almost overnight into descendants of the Bolsheviks in Russia.  They were now openly attacking people for any perceived threat to their agenda, and even worse, they were inventing reasons to attack innocents.  The politicians, who long ago abdicated any Constitutional responsibilities, only wanted to protect what one wit called their “iron gravy bowls.”  Beholden to whomever paid the big dollars that could somehow be funneled into their personal fortunes, politicians were useless.  They had but one bit of power, which they used to its fullest extent – legislatively ham-stringing the new President in his every attempt to roll back the corruption and abuse of the American Experiment.

John admitted to himself that his new President was a brave man.  He had voted for him hesitatingly – hoping that just maybe he could begin to turn things around.  And the man made all the right moves!  But he was hit from every direction, and John realized it wasn’t impeachment that was the biggest worry – the media itself openly talked of assassination.  It was no mere idle threat.  Antifa had made that clear.  The Muslims might be worse, but Antifa was far more dedicated to the communistic ideals.

The contact had come from a friend who had a friend who had asked if he knew anyone willing to join up with the New Patriots as they called themselves.  At first, he dismissed it outright.  “This is America!” he reasoned.  But then he considered his own thoughts, and the actual events on the streets.  Antifa was no longer just beating up people – they were killing them, and the police were standing down, mayors and city officials acted like they themselves were targets which, John reasoned to himself, they most likely were.  The thought struck yet again – “This is America!” – and he realized he had been thinking in the past, when normal values and expectations of life held sway over all.  But that was a dream of long ago – the new radicals, which were really the old radicals – had pushed the entire country up to their radical line in the sand.  It was no longer an option to opt out.

A decision had to be made.

Pastor counseled him to seriously consider every option – reminding him that to take up arms in such a civil war was perhaps the most dangerous consideration of all, and to look for yet more options before he made any final decision.  He couldn’t fault Pastor for his suggestions.  But John had noticed Pastor was a member of the same shooting range, and had come in third place in the handgun division of the range’s last contest.  That had both surprised him and impressed him.  What was he saying to me, really?

He agonized further.  He didn’t mind dying for his country, although he would do so being a part of what the Constitution called “militia” – and not part of the traditional armed forces.  The military proper had split already – the officer corps continued to support the status quo, but now without many thousands of enlisted men and those officers who had renounced any allegiance to the powers that be within the Pentagon.   Were those guys loose cannons, or genuine patriots?  He couldn’t know, or decide.  His several years of serious theological training did not seem to help – even among the long history of the faithful, there were those times when they had to stand and oppose open threats to Church, family and faith.  The Muslims presented the first challenge, and now that the politicians of his own day and age had punted, and rejected any responsibility, the new Bolsheviks of Antifa had taken note, and made demands that they knew the politicians were afraid to deny.  How many cities had they cowered into silence?  He had lost count.  “This is America!” he kept saying to himself . . .  The small voice of his conscience had quietly responded –

“And . . . ?”

He was genuinely at a loss for what to do.  His bride, once the epitome of good health, lay close to death way too soon for her years.  It had been going on so long, the cancer, that they had come to accept it in an odd sort of way.  But it was yet another invader, one that in the end, he knew, was not to be denied.  When his beloved died, he knew he would enter that “zone” where it seemed nothing mattered.  No – he had to make up his mind soon.

At that very thought, as if a revelation directly from Heaven had rung in his ears, he knew what he must do, and when.  Yes.  It was the only way.  It fit none of the pattern he thought it might or should, but it was the only way.  Suddenly, it was clear.  He sighed as he felt true peace settle about his shoulders.

It was the very same moment the staccato of machine gun fire began out front.


Yeah! So?

I got me a few typos in my last few posts which I ain’t gonna correct.  They came along with the words, which were written, I confess, in a bit of mood – a mood about the state of my country what with the black hooded communists running around pretending to be freedom fighters, girlie men trying to define themselves as examples of real manhood, and, of course, the special snowflakes of either gender – or all 17 of them as they have to say in Californidiotica.

Use to be common sense understood such types for the fools they are.  But it seems most of the country seems willing to go along – if only to get some peace and quiet.  But not in Texas!  We don’t go along fer nobody!

We have a number of sayings down in these here parts that clearly distinguish the goofs from sane folk, and in doing so, explain why Texans are the way they are, which is caring folk who give a rip about their neighbors and are willing to risk whatever to help them or, in the case the last two days here Houston way, to save them,  Anyway – a bit of an introductory primer, with explanations.

“Never ask a man if he is from Texas. If he is, he’ll tell you. If he isn’t, don’t embarrass him.”

That statement is attributed to Don Meredith, and if I have to explain who he is, you ain’t a Texan.  It is a simple statement of fact.  I’m sorry if the pajama boys of the world disagree, but like, who are they anyway, talking about manhood?  Although there are signs of it cropping up here and there, real Texas men will never be “pussified.”  Ain’t in the DNA down here.  Sorry, Bubba – live with it!

“Weren’t born here, but got here soon as I could.”

Sigh – my one deficiency.  Took me awhile to get here fer good – was here several times for Uncle, but it took a spell ‘fore I could make things permanent and all.  But once here, life has its own flavor again, and I ain’t just talking BBQ – which here is the best there is (sorry, Memphis!).  A lot of transplants share the same sentiments.  But we know that where we were born was a matter of fate not in our hands.  We have since corrected results of said fate and made things right.

“All trespassers will be shot.  Survivors will be shot again!”

You can see that on signs attached near doors and garages down here, and you can bet a butt-load of buckshot whoever puts the sign up ain’t kidding.  Texans don’t kid about that stuff.  You don’t steal, and if you don’t know that, then you WILL become a quick, if dead, learner.  Which brings us to . . .

“Didn’t your Mama teach you better?”

This is almost the ultimate put down in Texas.  It implies someone doesn’t have the brains to know right from wrong, and is probably a total asshole.  Down here it is almost required that one take a course or two in “Asshole Recognition.”  It is usually just after one finishes their firearms training course, in which one is taught how to deal with said assholes.  One discovers along this course of study, that even assholes can become real quick learners!


It even shows up in my sermons.  I like y’all ’cause it has the quintessential down-home feel to it, and in Texas, you use that in a sermon, they know you are really talking to them.  One needs to learn to incorporate the contraction into everyday speech without thinking about it.  Folks’ll cut y’all slack if you’re just learning ’bout Texas, but get y’all gotta get it down ASAP!

“I hear what ya saying.”

It is a phrase denoting attentiveness, and an appreciation of whoever said what just before.  Iffen a Texan tells you that, you got your foot in the door.  It’s another phrase ya gotta know to be recognized as even a halfway authentic Texan.  It’s a must!

“Git ‘er done!”

It’s what you do on the job, or pursuing a decent college degree, or driving a truck or breaking horses or herding cattle (rib-eyes and BBQ on legs!).  Something gotta be done – ya git ‘er done!


This one confounds newbies and visitors.  If ya ask a Texan if he wants a “Coke” and he says “Yes” – then you need to ask what flavor, ’cause down here coke is anyone of these beverages with lotsa sugar and carbonation.  The Texan will reply to the question about wanting a “coke” with, “Yeah, get me a Dew.”  You can learn this after some time here, but it is better to learn it quickly.

“Fixin’ to”

Down here, grammar takes on a whole new meaning.  “Fixin’ to” is actually a future past participle, implying that something is “good as done!”  There is no passive tense possible.

“Good as done.”

See “Fixin’ to” immediately above.

Baby . . . Honey . . . Sweetheart . . .

Down here, men appreciate women.  All women.  Ain’t never had a women, in all my time here, ever complain about one of those terms.  Use them in a greeting, or when saying “you’re welcome” when a woman down here thanks you for holding the door for her.  “You’re welcome, Baby!” is how ya do it here.  Just telling ya . . .  Texas prolly has the fewest psychotic feminists of all states in the US.  They like men, and prefer men would act like men, too.

“This ain’t mah first rodeo!”

Another of those quaint Texas sayings you need to own ASAP.  It means exactly what my humble blog title says – Been There, Done That.

Might as well. Can’t dance, never could sing, and it’s too wet to plow.
I could sit still for that.
Cain’t beat that with a stick.

These three are very closely related, conveying agreement with whatever was just said or asked of one.  It is important to employ such idioms, because it lets other Texans know that you “Hear what they are saying!”  (see above)

“He’s all hat and no cattle.”

Out-of-stater.  Guys who comes from, say, NY, buys a ten-gallon cowboy hat for a two gallon head.  Extremely easy to spot or identify.  Even better than scanners at the airports!

“He’s slicker than a boiled onion.”

A shyster, cheat, etc.  Pretty much “fill-in-the-blank.”

“Take it to the bank, Bubba!”

A Texan swearing an oath of truthfulness.

“He stays in the shadow of his mama’s apron.”

This guy.

“Done lost his vertical hold.”

Description of “crazy” – one of many.

“Fried water”

Poor – as in “eating fried water fer dinner.”  That’s POOR!  Help ’em out!

A furriner

Anyone from another state, but especially Massachusetts, NY, or California.

“That dog won’t hunt.”

Polite way of saying “bullshit” in Texas.

“He/she can’t help being ugly, but he/she could stay home.”



I could go on and on.  Texas should be the land of comics.  There are more one-liners down here than there are cattle.  Which also means . . .

A Texan can identify bullshit immediately.  Be warned!

Jes’ sayin’ . . .


This Is . . .

As the picture caption at the end put it:

Real America!

Damn betcha.  ‘Cause ya see, we are a country, first and foremost, a people who can, and must live side by side.  We have let matters political and strange people with even stranger philosophies invade and try to change who we are as a people.  We are not merely some political entity, we are the souls who inhabit the land, build houses, raise families, work hard, and start businesses and, in doing so ourselves, make the magic available for our every neighbor.

Neighbor.  Indeed, Jesus commanded we love our neighbor as ourselves.  We theological types take words apart, and make many more words about them.  “Neighbor” is one of those words, for its basic meaning is “the one who is close.”  Man-o-man, does that set a tone for what follows.  But before I post that link – comes this rant!

I refuse to let the flipping politicians and the “plumpy-boys” in black uni’s and masks from their Mama’s basements tell me who is or isn’t an American.  They have come nowhere near earning the right to do that!  They talk about others appropriating privilege!??  The sheer assholery of that idea ought to be seen by all for the vacuous bull excrement it is!  And if anyone really does “appropriate privilege,” it is those asswipes.

I know Americans because I am one, and have lived each day of my almost 65 years live each day among other Americans.  We are people of a country – a land! – and a heritage which doesn’t need stupid politicians or stupid interest groups to tell us who we are or what to do.  We do what needs to be done.  For each other, not against each other.  And if anyone reading this doesn’t like that, you can stick it in whichever orifice of your sorry body you choose, ’cause every one of us is sick of your types!  You only work to divide us according to what your sorry ass wants us to do.  And we ain’t gonna do as you stomp your feet and demand we do anyway.  I could add the extreme “epithet you!” here, but I have a modicum of decency, something you jerks lack altogether.  So go back to your mother’s basement, or your precious safe spaces, and leave us Americans the hell alone!

For the real Sports Fan, this how we Americans “get the real picture.”  Kinda follows the end of the previous post, so to speak.

More pictures and tweets here, but this one captured the heart of the matter:


THIS IS REAL AMERICA Texas Men Rush Into Flood Waters to Save Baby from Overturned Truck  via @people

Photo published for WATCH: Texas Men Rush Into Flood Waters to Save Baby from Overturned Truck After Deadly Storms



This “question” of a title is absurd!

The answer was more to the point –

“City and county officials are facing those questions about why the evacuation order was not given, but based on history and expert opinions, some argue, the evacuation might not have helped, and could have made things worse, as occurred during Hurricane Rita.”

The headlines then? Rita was horrific Been there, done that! The absolute worst gridlock in history – not merely in Houston, but for 100 miles north on 59. Folks living out of their cars – many, many children – far from food or water, and little, if any help available. Some folk died in their cars. You cannot imagine what that was like! I had a small rented room along a stretch of 59 that was, all but for a small motel, bar and gas station and tire change shop – miles from any help. The bar, gas station and convenience store sold out of everything – everything – in a matter of hours. People, in droves, were walking back to the cow pastures and woods behind the motel to handle their personal bodily needs. Some didn’t bother and dumped right on the side of the road. Things got kinda weird.

I knew what the storm was like in advance, and I was well stocked with food, smokes, coffee and beer. We had electricity and water. We allowed one individual to use our facilities and shower – said individual began walking back to Houston at the end of the second day. He was extremely agitated about being forced to evacuate – wondering where all the cars and all the people were supposed to go. But they were forced to leave!

It was a living nightmare.

My son and I were able, with a car or two backing up or pulling forward a foot or so, to get out of our parking lot. We knew all the back dirt roads – including only those navigable with a 4×4 like I had, all the way to Lufkin and Nagadoches. We asked the folks with kids if they wanted us to get them something for them and their kiddies. Folks in the 20 cars just out front handed us cash and we filled the back of my Jeep Cherokee with their orders of food – which were limited to bread, bologna, and chips. The hotel had a really clean well, and supplied folks with water. We had a stranger ride with us to help do the shopping and loading. We did what we could. The journey was almost twice as long as the straight shot, because of the back roads and that we had to enter Lufkin at the far western end. Highway 59 was jammed to the east. Even then, it was crazy up in Lufkin!

No – the photographs folks are seeing today are not pleasant. There have been almost no deaths, but a great deal of displacement. But the city and county will do far better, and the folks will fare far better, than could be done, or did many of those 2-3 million jammed together and stuck along Highway 59. The city officials did learn from Rita.

Nothing prevented anyone from evacuating on their own if they perceived a threat. There was plenty of time. Those in low-lying areas have known the threat forever. I don’t want to lay blame on victims, but so often we make ourselves victims. The vultures writing a headline like the one at the top come swooping in, full of righteous indignation at some perceived injustice, and start laying blame. Shut your pies holes and see how willing your company is to send hands and bucks to fix things. Then again, why wait for your company? Take leave and come down yourself(s)! Afterward, well, then go back and be about your self-anointed task of blame-laying.

My Church, the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, Texas District, has already positioned itself. We Pastors – with or without flocks, were contacted in advance, and already millions of dollars and thousands of members are pitching in wherever needed. And we will help many rehab or rebuild. I called Pastor S. and told him I had high ground clearance and a full tank of gas if anyone hollered his way for help. It’s in our DNA as the Church to do such things.

Walmart is already on the move, despite the hate heaped on them whenever and wherever. The local Waffle House, which never closes unless the juice goes out, and even then – is serving folks, and paying for its employees and those that have to drive from points south, to stay at the Motel 6 next door.

Here in Rosenberg – about 30 miles SW of downtown Houston, there a few problems, but for the most part, we have been fortunate to have handled the rains well thus far. The Brazos River, though greatly swollen, has not come close to cresting near flood stage. So we have been blessed, and spared the worst of matters. Da Pug and I are inside, dry, and stocked with food and water – especially my Milwaukee spring water. Filled the Explorer up, I always have a week to ten days worth of food plus, and we have settled in for the duration of the rains.

Right now – the media needs to shut up. The president didn’t cause this and has moved quickly since Thursday. If either Hobby or Bush International opens back up by then, he will be here Tuesday. The police, so often maligned, along with rescue crews and medical folks and the utility company workers, are doing yeomen’s work even now. Normal folks are out in boats and skiffs helping folks out. Guys with the really high-riding trucks. Folks helping folks.

Headlines like the above serve no purpose at a time like this. It really po’d me to read it. Get your buns down here and help! Or hush up!


Just found these jewels (H/T to Instapundit)

And . . .

“We’re All Gonna Die!”

Well, from a factual perspective, yes.  Theological, too.

But speaking to the “Cane called Harvey” about to hit furrily close, and make water and slick driving issues for 3-5 days, no one need die at all.  Those who live in the low-lying areas, and right on the coast – it’s decision time.  Not difficult.  Get outta Dodge for a few.  For those inland 30 miles or so as we are here – those who nailed all the bread at Walmart and the other stores, along with all the bottled water – you folks need to get a grip, and realize that weather forecasters can get just as bombastic as the regular news folks.

Will there be flooding?  Most assuredly, in those areas prone to it.  Folks should check that out before they buy a home, or even, where they might rent.  As to “stocking up” – that should have been done long ago – before there was any immediate threat, so you don’t have the grocery store turned into a any number of aisles jam-filled with people, and little food.  I grew up in Florida – east coast.  As I kid a ‘cane was a regular occurrence.  Most were prepared for at least one yearly event.  Plywood already cut to fit windows, a stocked freezer and spare fridge likewise – all hooked up to a generator in case.  Whole house generators?  Nah.  Just the food.  Sterno stoves and cans, BBQ grill and charcoal.  Candles – it was all so elementary.  I was in charge of batteries for all the radios in the house.  Dad would give me bucks if it looked like something might be forming in the Caribbean, and I would bike up to the local store and stock up.  Folks always got a couple of extra cartons of smokes, and Mom kept the medicine cabinet stocked at all times anyway – having five kids taught her that early on.  I was taught early on about vehicle maintenance always being up-to-date.

I mean – it was all simple stuff.  Stuff that should be up-to-date anyway.  I described the scene today in the grocery store to a friend, whose comment was – “People are such snowflakes.”

None of this is to discount potential tragedy, but even police and fire departments are warning folk that if they don’t evacuate when recommended, they are on their own.  Responsibility and preparation would stave off many would-be catastrophes.  Had to do it once – not happy, but in the end, glad we did – we would have been without power for 10 days.

So I am, and have been set, for the duration of this puppy named Harvey.  I trust Pastor will hold  services Sunday – it’s less than two miles at 30 mph.  Should be a piece of cake.

Let Harvey bring his best – I am ready.


Mark 8:36 –  For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?


Coming to terms with the world.  It takes a lifetime for most, and many of those don’t quite make it until, to them, this world ceases to be.  I think I have made it before that point.

Reading the news, watching it – whatever – 95% of it is political.  Even watching ESPN, they have become so politically correct that I must suffer their announcers to give me their world view.  Dudes, I could care less what your world view is!  Report the progress of the game or get someone who understands a sports broadcast!

Another thing I do not tolerate well anymore – the screechy, way-to-fast voices of the fairer sex, talking in tones more suited to speaking to their girlfriends in confidence, than on a major sports event.  It is grating, to say the least.  Now, obviously I am biased in saying such a thing, but I am most certain the huge majority of men watching a sportscast agree with me.  I never talked to one who didn’t, and I talk a lot, and to a lot of people.

And anymore, the only way to be left alone is to stay offline and off the boob tube (which it still is despite flat-screens!), and hole up like a monk.  The latter is quickly becoming preferable!

Yeah – I am griping – maybe even a bit of a rant.  The wisdom of Jesus in the one verse quoted at the top has never appeared more evident to me than now.  For all our supposed, and tremendous technological advances, why is it that our inter-personal relationship are at a nadir?  The ability of two opposing sides of an issue unable to have a simple discussion without invective, crude cursing, and ad hominem has virtually disappeared.  We have become, simply put, crude and self-absorbed.

Go for it.  I have many opinions, but trying to discuss them with supposedly rational  folks has become a chore, and only rarely, something halfway successfully accomplished.  I suppose the wits in our midst would blame the Boomers – the classic “Me” generation – but who is more “Me” than Millenials and the very youngest among us?  I never identified as a “Boomer” – one’s date of birth is determined by the Lord’s hand, it is not then automatically defined by one’s date of birth, as the “wise men of the present age” like to describe matters whomever they are.

I simply could care less.

Are we racing toward an apocalypse, be it the secular “head for the hills” or the Biblical classical view (as erroneous as well)?  Well – hell, yeah, if people continue to think as they do.  Even Christ in His abject humility before His Resurrection said he did not know the day or the hour, but we are surrounded by present-day experts who, as sure as they are breathing oxygen, insist we are.  Yeah . . .

I wish that it were as simple to say that we are surrounded by imbeciles.  We are not, but instead, we are surrounded by idiots – the word for “self-absorbed” – who cannot see beyond the end of their nose or hear beyond the projection their own voice, or entertain a single notion with which they do not agree.  Okay – I get it.  Pardon me while I reject it outright.  I am rather predisposed to avoiding idiots at all costs.  Just me, perhaps, but it has served me pert well all my life.

Right and wrong exist as tangible realities, whether one chose to believe so or not.  As a Lutheran Pastor, I care for souls.  One on one, in the preaching situation of Divine Worship where the Divine Means of Grace are fully employed, I entertain sinners one and all.  In the few, and personal human contacts I have with others who can see or hear beyond the end of their nose, I enjoy discussion – be they frivolous or serious.  I do know a few of those who can be serious.  They a delight, and the frivolous sorts are good entertainment for my frivolous side as well.

But the “serious idiots” that abound today?  Lord, spare me from my total lack of patience.  My one dear friend calls such bloody idiots – and he has named them well!  All I know is the serious dissonance I experience anymore dealing with the self-absorbed.   They have become to me, curmudgeon I have become, I suppose, intolerable.  And some, fantastically, claim Jesus for their side.  I pray I am not in their vicinity on the Day of Judgment, which will come despite the denials of today’s supposed “wise men” – religious or not. I pray that they might not be, but their change is above my pay grade.  The same Jesus whom they declare on “their side” – cautioned me and the faithful to avoid “contentious men.”  I have taken that on as a personal shibboleth.  My Office call for preaching that which is not my own, and distributing likewise, more of what is not my own, but the Lord’s.  That is serious business, because when all is dust and gone, they will remain.

And, of course, there is the very near in time, next “Civil War.”  Ya think?  The hilarious meme floating around – about one side having 9 trillion bullets, and the other side perplexed as to what bathroom to use, is not far off the mark.  Again – the war Christ has declared will so eclipse our stupid wars among men that we will – even if for a brief nano-second, wonder where e got off thinking as we did.

I care for my family – even those who do not return the favor.  That is “built-in” to the Lord’s system.  I care for my friends – the “other me’s” . . .

Proverbs 27:17
As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.

I have a couple online, and several that are personal friends.  They are as the Proverb says, and for them, I am eternally grateful.  They gave me respite where there seemed none to be had, and I pray I returned that favor, which is always my intent.  I don’t care for the “profit” of the world – it has always failed – every time.

And so, I shall live out my days.  I do not philosophize with the attitude of “not apologizing” for my life, I have apologized to the Lord and to many in my days on earth.  Whether accepted or not, I cannot say.  There are friends to whom an apology means little, because they already love me past whatever, as I do them.  They are a treasure, which I treasure greatly.  I was blessed with a life partner whose life in this realm passed last December, but I still treasure her and shall see her yet again.  I have that assurance from the Lord of the Universe, so my soul is at peace.

And having one’s soul at peace – how does one measure that?

“And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”  (Philippians 4:7)


Various Musings, Etc.

Lord!  Ya done messed up!  Big time!!  All these buck-fifty prophets that have been going on and on finally had their eclipse to focus on, they warned us all of today being the very day Jesus said no man could know (except these buck fifty-prophets)Gotta love chiliasts – they make themselves sound so convincing being wrong.

And now – nothing.  Nada.  Nary a cataclysmic event.  California did not fall into the ocean.  Washington D.C. is still in their normal working order (now that would have been ultra-cool had You messed up DC, Lord! . . . then again, it can’t be much more messed up than it already is!).


I think I am going to begin calling the media “Gollum.”  They are creepy in every way, always lying to their advantage, and aren’t worth a tinker’s damn, really.  They just chase after their “Precious” –  whatever the commies ask them to do.  I have never seen such a total batch of mind-dead idiots in my life.


Google and gmail suck, BTW


Dys has been on a roll lately.  So has Mikie. And, of course, Fran.  The three of them have a knack for identifying piles of crapola for what they are.  They are online stops of sanity in an insane world.


Fr. Peters is a daily stop – actually – the very end of my devotions upon waking each morning, and for the same reasons, but rather than legalistic prescriptions only, he brings the Cross to bear on matters.  Would that his audience might grow!  His closing paragraph today is priceless:

“For too much of Europe, Christianity is a history lesson and one many would rather forget. Instead of being the shape of hope, the Christian past has been falsely characterized as intolerant. As a result, Europe is a shadow of its former self both culturally and in terms of the Christian faith. But we are headed in exactly the same direction. The message Trump brought to Poland is exactly the message we need to hear — not for the triumph of some Christian dominance but for the survival of hope in the message of Christ and Him crucified. No one will return to a moment in time that has come and gone but each must wrestle in our own age to raise up the cross and to refute those who wrongly characterize and dismiss that which is the only hope for a people living under the oppression of self, of a world that glories in desire, and in a culture of death. We who stand in pulpits on Sunday morning must equip our people to catechize in their homes and to stand with courage in their neighborhoods for the sake of Christ. In Europe the Christian past is seen by many as a generational view that is soon to pass as the ancients pass and a new secular age takes its place. But there is hope. The battle is ours to lose but it is God’s to win. Among the young there is a yearning for hope that only the true Gospel can satisfy. Pray that we listen and pray that the Word of the Lord which endures forever will continue to be heard among the din of hopeless words and self-indulgent falsehoods.”


The antifa/blm/knuckle-draggers knocking down statues are so very much like their cousins, the Bolsheviks.  Of course, many Americans, and few of the yutes, know who those bloody murderers were, so they are welcoming the new Bolsheviks with almost totally open arms.  History is a bitch – you can learn it once, and profit from it, or it will just repeat itself until one damn well learns history.  And while on this subject, every one of the issues these bloody fools have, happens to be with the communistic democratic party.  Again – that “history” thing.  Thinking is foreign to such folks. 


Ooops, was I just virtue-signaling?  cool  Must be my “white privilege!”  What tripe!


If Donald ramps up Afghanistan, he will be stupid, and prove Bannon right about McMaster being a neo-con.  A stooge of Billy Kristol and his ilk!  War, war, and more war.  War is the health of the state.  Then . . . some more war.

Fire McMaster.  Get the military the hell outta the White House! Shyte – how hard is that?  We cannot afford the stupid “wars” we are already in (stupidly!).  No more.  Stop!!!

We have nothing in Afghanistan except maybe the oil the Bush Family wants.  That and the heroin (oops, me bad, again!).


Yeah, well – screw them!  Been dealing with them and their oil wars since Ronnie left office.  Enough!  They are royal pests, like the Clinton’s and the Obama’s.  Be done with those asses!

Update: He went there anyway.  More troops (it’s only 4000, right? 4000 more possible families burying sons!)  It is high time America paid attention to its Founders and got the HELL out of all the foreign entanglements we are presently in.  We have hit the “stupid point” – there is nothing but Bush oil and the heroin trade worth a damn to Afghanis, and worth nothing to us!  A listening station for China or India or Pakistan.  Yeah, and I’ve got some furrily damp real estate in Florida for sale!  Let the whole region go to whatever hell they wish, but bring our guys home and keep our noses out of such crap.  We have been doing it so long that we feel inadequate if we aren’t busy somewhere playing policeman or trying to import the Bushie democracy, which is not a constitutional item at all.  I had hoped Donald got it – but I do not share the view of the opportunists who say Donald is setting up the neo-cons.  Quite the opposite – the Trotskyites just keep on winning, and the Roves and Kristols and Bushes just keep on smiling, because Donald is now dancing fully to their tune.

It is sick.


What is it with Drudge?  His site has gotten to read like a supermarket tabloid anymore.  It’s like he has gone over to the dark side.  Anymore, who hasn’t?


Kentucky!!!  Would you do America a huge favor and get rid of this quadrupled jowl stoned idiot!



You simply cannot make this shyte up!!


This is why Allahpundit is so eminently ignorable.  What an idiot – like – who cares?  Josh (Barro), just be quiet, okay?  Why you wish to make a fool of yourself daily, is beyond me!


And Congress?  The perhaps most famous do-nothing Congress of all time?  Vance nails it!


Putting a lid on this stew-pot.  Y’all be cool!