My Love

Mine – Yours here . . .

Six months – the 28th.  Arrgh!  That long?  That little time?

We are together are the Communion rail, though, and in my prayers.  I still hearken back to Fr. Patrick’s wonderful post back in January, after your service and I was in the apartment alone, just Da Pug and me – a couple of lonely old coots.

Still miss you every day like it was yesterday – we did everything together – one special marriage in my book, anyway.  And now Conan and I do it alone.  Sigh.  Despite a couple of quick hospital stays, I am okay.  The cough?  I caught pneumonia back when I had my surgery in ’10.  Slow moving, but now getting fixed.  Hopefully, there are no surprises hiding underneath that they cannot see now.  If so, I’ve got one lung to give – the other is just fine.

Finally able to get the insurance check from Concordia, and can pay off the funeral home.  Other than what Arnel generated on GFM,  I got zero help from anyone else in either fam.  Even in all of this, it is still you and me, Babe.

There is enough left to get the AC finally done in the Explorer.  I’ve gotten everything else done except that (and I need new brakes) on the regular monthlies.  So while it still isn’t pretty on the outside, the innards are all top-notch!  Conan still insists on going with me, so I always have water in the cooler and his “driving cup” – big enough for him to get his Pug snout into!  Heh!

The gang at Trinity have been great – Pat lost her sweetie late last year, too.  And Ray – been 7 years now since his beloved joined the Heavenly Choir – he keep making sure every Sunday I am okay.  He’s been there and all.

Tyler Jane is in the area – she and Nick are both working and going to classes – she’s taken to adulthood as we hoped.  Still a tiny slip of a thing, though.  I have several things for her, and Plantie Girl is flourishing (yes, I’ve been taking care of her right), and I’ll ask if Ty-Ty wants her, too.

And I might, as a kind of Bucket List, take that trip the two of us had always planned to do.  If that comes about, there will be a post about it.  If so, I might up staying north.  The summers here are too brutal for me anymore.

You have my love always, Mine, and our day together again will come sooner that it might seem to me at present . . .

But do not overlook this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.  (2 Peter 3:8)



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