One of Those Days

More like a week.  Outta gas.  Need to re-charge the batteries, big time.  Thunder, and a soft rain.  Fits the mood, I suppose.

If the Celtics can pull out another in Cleveland, I do believe they will take it in 7.  That’s been their recipe all year long.  If the Sox win as well, a part of the veil of this mood will lift a bit.

Awaiting a biopsy result.  Not my own, but fam.  I have done the funerals for my brother and my dear wife in the past 14 months.  It is wearing on a soul.  Need a negative on this one, which would be a real positive for all!

Do I flatly reject Collins and the human genome project?  Sweet Jesus. some folks seem to have unlimited rabbits in their hats.  Collins is a Christian (wasn’t when he made his discovery but that led him from atheism to the Faith).  He is, however, a theistic evolutionist.  I have known many, Rome leans that way, and there is certainly nothing to condemn about further discoveries of God’s universe!

I just don’t want the “unending ongoing” that will result.  I have been there, done that for over three years with one individual.  I don’t need a round two with someone else.  It is soul-sapping.

Finally, on the morrow, the checks begin to flow.  Not broke – but I lent to Junior and Bro Man, and that kept things interesting the last week.  But I had plenty of smokes and enough for the beverage, so I was not worried.

Weight is just about low normal again.  Naturally thin guys gaining weight – I eat like a horse, I gain a pound every three weeks.   Should add, pray you never get sciatica.  The pain is unlike any other, and you lose all muscle tone, and a good bit of weight, being unable to walk normally, lift as you did before, anything.  I have put back on 16 in 16 months.  I need ten more.

Cher needs to simply grow up.  Won’t link it.  Go to Breitbart if you must see.  Eww.

DC – save for those incapable of shutting up, is shut down since Donald went abroad.  But I have to confess the manner in which he fired Comey, despite all the gibber-jabber otherwise, was brilliant!  His timing – everything.  Wish I had kept that one link, but I don’t need it anyway.  Folks on the left simply do not do not understand Donald.  That is good!  It royally pissed off Comey, and now he has postponed testifying to Congress.  He needs to confer with Mueller.  A fat lotta good that will do him.  That, and Donald dealing with the leakers when he gets back.  Another bad week for the left, and the GOPe – just waiting in the wings!

McCain say Trump’s budget is dead on arrival.  Surprised?  Obama knew the GOPe didn’t have a spine, and went two whole terms without a budget and the GOPe granting him every dollar he wanted at the end of the year so they wouldn’t be accused of shutting down the gummint.  What a buncha wusses!

Yesterday.  Manchester.  Predictable.  The cops even knew the guy.  22 dead  Youngest – 8 yeas old.

Keep importing the muzzies, keep watching your own nation die.  How else can one put it?

Calling it early tonight.  Need to clear the grey matter, and get some sleep.  Y’all be cool!







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