It’s True

Golf is a great way to stay fit – a ton of walking for the legs and heart-rate; upper body motion that will even benefit your back, and as you improve, a satisfaction of beginning to master the game.

The last is an illusion.    The game will hook you big-time – addiction, Baby!  A good one, though.  But you will never master the game.  Getting 18 holes under 100 is, it seems, first goal.  Under 50 for 9 holes.

Then – you begin trying to knock the 90’s down into the 80’s consistently.  That’s hard enough., but when you flirt with the high 70’s – on a regular basis, you are a full-blown addict.  Only way out is to walk away forever, Jack.  Walk away clean!  Don’t even play putt-putt.  Avoid it like the plague!

Or embrace it as a chance to cuss at yourself, the ball, the club, the wind, the rain, the sun, a bad cut on the green or rough of fairway – an endless choice of options await you.

I, for one, think the game does refine one’s cussing – it help it to be more precise, and focused.

A decent golf bag will hold your clubs, towels, two dozen balls (early on, you’ll need them all!), tees, etc., and up to twelve cold ones wrapped in ice-pack filled bags.  A good pull-cart, and you’re good to go!

If you don’t give a rip about walking 4 miles (double that if you are a newbie, you will walk that much longer as well, and in nature – woods, streams, desert sands called traps, etc.), then rent a cart, haul out the cooler, load it up with beverages and sandwiches, and be civilized about it!  enlightened

As for the scorecard?  devil


2 comments on “It’s True

  1. John Venlet says:

    Only way out is to walk away forever, Jack. Walk away clean! Don’t even play putt-putt. Avoid it like the plague!

    After I landed my first trout on a dry fly, some 27 years or so ago, I immediately went home, grabbed my golf gear and toted it over to one of those Play It Again sporting goods franchises and sold all my golf gear for pennies on the dollar. I took that money and upgraded my fly fishing rig, and since that day I’ve never touched a golf club.

    Additionally, many of the other aspects you touch on associated with the game of golf are also thoroughly enjoyed while chasing trout from stream to stream which meander through the woods of Northern Michigan.

  2. Jeff Baxter says:

    Kinda miss your picture with your hat, rod in hand, and Michigan river fisherman wisdom!

    Good to hear from you , John.

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