D e a d N e w s D a y

Donald did not bow like our previous HOS and POS.  Melania stepped off the plane sans head scarf or abaya, and the Islamic Apocalypse did NOT occur.  Anderson Cooper did, however, shyte on his desk.  Culinary details at 11.

As our esteemed host BQ – has pointed out with his usual precision, Mueller is yet another Bushie intrusion into business not their own.  That, after earlier this week Mama Bush had get on her boy again:

“John Ellis!  Do not say stupid things the press can report – please!!!”

Even Maxine Waters is relatively quiet, which really IS news!

Even Chuckie “Where’s the Camera?” Schumer is rather subdued.  If Donald stays gone long enough, they all may have to start over – just to refresh their memories.

Trump’s trip seems to be a working example of Lincoln’s old dictum:  “Keep your friends close; keep your enemies even closer.”  He tried that wit’ da Swampies – they can’t understand anything but the reality they create each anew day.

Like I said, it’s a boring news Saturday.

Like I said, it’s a boring news Saturday.  (Not a repeat typo)

That’s it!!!  It’s officially a YAWN Saturday! 


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