Shifting Gears

Shifting gears a bit, came across this, which Z-Man posted later in the day yesterday.  Loving historical comparisons, I plunged in, and the money quote actually is the conclusion:

“It’s comforting to think that the pendulum is swinging back toward normalcy, but it could simply be a rearguard action. The radicals running the American “republic” are no less bloodthirsty and malevolent than those who razed the Vendée. They may not unleash genocidal infernal columns on the suburbs, but they are plenty enthusiastic about importing hordes of foreign peasants to wreak havoc on the people. They are also smart and savvy, masters of the tools of power. But most of all, they have no sense of restraint.”

I should mention – I have taken flak from others in my vocation for my intense interest in issue in the Kingdom of the Left.  I, like a close number of my fellow WCW’s, take the Lord’s caution to “beware the times” seriously.  Our very Confession of Faith was birthed and nourished in a period of intense political re-alignment and upheaval, with dire threats to the Church and to the populace!  We ignore it at our own peril!

Read the whole article.  Notice the very strong parallels Z draws, and for those in the Faith who might wonder, go do some reading.  The parallels between then and now as to what is happening in the Church today, are singularly striking!

In many ways, we in America are having to watch history repeating itself because we ignored it the first time.  The threat from Islam cannot be understated, and yet many in the Church are seemingly so blasé about it all.  We are presently watching an invasion, and yawning at it.  It is incomprehensible to me.  A blogging compadre – and my own dearly departed wife were from South Africa.  They left.  My Bride had less than zero desire to go back, and knew precisely why.  “No one there sees wants to acknowledge what’s coming, Jeff!” she told me.

Ditto, America.  Look at France and Germany.  Many theologians clutch their pearls and turn away.  Lou used to say that Americans have become vacuous – the simple babble of words and sentence strings that sound good to them.  She would be considered today as “unkind, speaking ill” – when she was merely making an observation.  I dearly loved running sermons by her – she could easily pick apart any fallacies or goofy notions I had.

And history is not being kind in its re-run.  We missed some biggees along the way, and it has cost us dearly.  I am telling no one to “preach politics from the pulpit!”  No, they have no place there.  But Bible Studies – don’t current events factor in?  Do we take the time to outline the realities our own flock faces before they walk out of the sanctuary?  That is why I look back so wistfully at my time at St. Kurt Marquart’s feet.  Name the topic, and he already owned it.

While one must always be selective reading “Wiki-P” – much of the horse-droppings we are observing today were organically grown in that soil.  That is a good piece!  Our “Republic” was not born of that mess.  But communism, fascism, and Nazism most certainly were, and are but three peas in the family pod of socialism!  How many of our flocks know that?  Don’t test them – you will cry at the results.

A dear friend sent two posts today – one was this – which came “named” as it were, and cause the loss of serious amounts of sinus fluids and any and all beverages:

Inline image 1

The other was this, and it was quite sobering:

Inline image 1

And we WCW’s need to be aware of that 25/7.  That was no typo!  We piously give out exhortations from James 4:7 – often without even knowing what to resist ourselves!

If we take the proper responsibilities so many claim we have as both “citizens and saints” – then why is one-half of that equation so often ignored?  We do not preach and teach within a vacuum – that is stamping the Gospel with the label “Generic” – and far too many former communions do that as if it were the only efficacious way.  It is, rather, to walk in hell!

My previous post spoke of the real struggles we face, and the solution.  But if we are unaware of the real struggles we face, then we see little need FOR the solution.  And that, I motion, is far too obvious in many church bodies and many flocks.  One writer I read – himself an aware Christian, calls such ignorance “Churchianity.”  I really cannot argue.  The distinct inability of most all laymen, and many pastors, to clarify the realities of life with the little safe zone of Jesus they have constructed in their minds, has zero benefit for the member and for the Church.

There are sites out there through which both pastors and laymen try to “instruct” us as to the nature of politics.  Some are very good – they get “Deus Vult” in its full context.  Other like to read what they wrote.

I really have a tough time dealing with the latter.  We don’t even speak in the same language, it seems, and rhetoric and logic are the first sacrifices they demand!  Yes – it is incumbent upon us to patiently teach – but the genius of satan has already taken hold in the minds of many, and they are “right” to begin with, so any attempts at true discussion are gone before they begin.

It’s okay, though.  I get it.  I certainly do not possess all the answers, but I know where to direct myself and others to them.  It is not rocket science, Sports Fans, it is allowing oneself to be taught, and a willingness to learn, when neither existed before.

That is why I highlighted the “money quote” back at the beginning.  It is happening right in front of us.  More than a shrug of the shoulders and an “Oh, well, that’s the world for you” will be forced upon many of us.

Question: “If we do not know what is being forced upon us, how will we know how or what to resist?”




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