Needs to be Said

Sage advice:

“Two death cults confront God’s people in this fallen world: humanism and radical Islam.

And of the two, humanism is by far the more dangerous.”

Lee Duigon – Barb Wire


2 comments on “Needs to be Said

  1. John Venlet says:

    Many individuals will not understand, nor appreciate, the danger and evil that humanism represents, especially when compared to Islamism. What humanism lacks in direct evil actions, as compared to various tenets and actions of Islam, is more than made up for in humanism’s treacly words of wonderfulness. Beware!

  2. Jeff Baxter says:

    Well put, John.

    Islamism can kill the body, but humanism can kill the soul!

    I trust all is well with your and yours. Blessings in XP.


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