Odds ‘n’ Ends

Two pieces of house cleaning –

It figures . . . and, it figures.  I’ll leave it at that.


Summation. Good.  Will the prattle end?  Doubtful – he’s a “man on a mission,” you must understand.  Fundamentalism, while not choosy about its food source, must be fed.


Snowflakes, snowflakes everywhere!  Joe is right, of course.


Mark my words.  Pocahontas is running in ’18.


My conscience is clear – I called the Bammster a communist from the beginning.  Sundance connects the dots, as always.  I might be called on this for not putting the best construction on matters, so let me make a correction.  The Bammster is a rabid communist!  There, that’s better.

And – Sundance was spot-on back in January.  As if he saw what was coming.


Hat-tip to Vox for this one.  Touches the old blood pump.



He just can’t be straight up about anything.  Always a dodge involved.  Then again, nothing has been quite what it seemed.

As an aside – especially from the mania of the media – I expect some monumental developments concerning Comey (and others!) to be forthcoming relatively soon.  We shall see.  But – with Comey, all is not as it seems.



I am an old softie for good stories with happy endings.


What Fr. Peters said!


Another feel good story with a happy ending.

Make that two of them!


Covers all the bases!



And to close . . .

I miss you, Babe.  Friday is 10 years.  Love you, Mine –



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