You Go – T’Bow!

He’s a dedicated Christian (which instantly pisses off a whole bunch of folks! – God only knows why), a really great college football player (2 National Championships), a professional football pass completion record of 57% – and he led the Denver beyond what would have been a losing season to a playoff spot and beat the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers in the first playoff game.  Next up was Tom Brady and NE, and even the best QB’s in football have gotten their butts waxed in that situation.

Goes to being College Football analyst at ESPN, and with a contract renewed recently, I might add.  Decided to give his other favorite sport – professional baseball – a try.

Sweet Jesus – you’d think he had committed murder!!!  The howls of hate went up from all quarters.  He started at the bottom, and is now in “A” ball.  He has been steadily improving – he’s in the regular line-up – and for those interested, you can follow him here.

Small article in ESPN I caught just in passing.  Had a big day hitting not long ago, and his batting average is beginning to creep up and up.  He’s learning how to hit professional ball.  As I say below – that ain’t easy at all to do!  So – I read the comments.

Sheesh!  Maybe 1/3 positive.  The rest?  There are some very angry, frustrated people in the world today, with not much to do.  So, I read them all, and responded in the words printed below.  If you want to wade through all the comments to find mine you can, but here is exactly what I wrote.  I’ll let it be my close:

jb here –
For the record, T2 is now hitting.250, second to the .262 leading the team. Columbia is not “gushing over” with Tebow-mania, it’s all about playing ball. Which is what “playing ball” is supposed to be all about.
A few good comments about a guy chasing dreams, and a lot of jealous or degrading comments. Good on Tim! I wouldn’t wish anything less on anyone giving it a shot. I’ve stood in and managed to hit, a 90mph fastball a “few” times. Ted Williams was spot-on – “Hitting a baseball is the hardest thing in sports to do.”

You have to learn to do that. There is no such thing as a natural hitter, but only, dedicated hitters. Those who constantly work at it. If most here sat in on a 90mph heater, there’d be a run on corks to plug the butt.


Chill, both you old and young sons unable to do it. Glad I caught this ESPN article to see the “hate” is still out there. I mean – like what do you care – is your life’s footprint so small you must sit at your keyboards writing the BS (above or below – wherever this comment ends up) you do here?

ESPN sells advert space. They trade news for that. Has nothing to do with any of us. For anyone who is following T2, you would already have this addy –
The rest of y’all? Back up, you took the wrong fork in your life’s road somewhere!

Add On:  Yeppers!



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