On the Morn

Hey!  Sports Fans!

Divine Worship with the Eucharist.  It does not get better!

Unfortunately, the flock to which I am attached is a 1st and 3rd, no deviations.  Slowly and patiently pushing back on it, but this one is a toughie, and no, I’m not going to explain why.  I can say I have been here, done this before, and I know how to get it done.  But it’s complicated surgery.  My BICS (Bull in China Shop) expertise is not the approach needed on this one.

That aside, I sit in the first full pew, pulpit site.  A couple of weeks ago, one of the acolytes was a complete distraction, and directly in front of Pastor.  So I didn’t say a word.  Lived with it, as it were.  Again, this morning – but I watched very closely.  I won’t go into everything, but I quickly saw the signs, and relaxed.  One of our “special Saints.”  So I began singing extra loud, and when she turned – I motioned for her to sing louder too!  She did.  Saw her join her folks in the Communion line – confirmed everything.  Guess I now have a “speshul project” that will be unseen by most.  Like those the best!   I was a little ashamed of myself the previous time, too.  I shoulda caught it, and didn’t.  No outward reaction, but you know the ole brain – always cooking a devil’s broth, it seems.

I talked with Big Shawn after Worship.  By “big” I mean 6’6″ – 250 lbs.  But a velvet voice and touch – he most often is the elder doing the first two readings, I get in there every so often, and he assists Pastor at Communion.  Impeccable reading skills, and great Communion manners and physical action.  As if I trained him myself.  I had been meaning to ask him, but I kept putting it off.  So . . . after Worship:

Shawn – what do you do?

I’m an electrical engineer (that explains his precision!).

How old are you?


So you have a Bachelor’s Degree?

Yes, sir (I wish he’d quit that, but he knows what I am).

Have you ever, late at night, in your quietest moments, ever thought of entering the Holy Ministry?

Yes, sir, I have.


I feel I am where God wants me now.  Then, he shrugged his shoulders. So I just said –

From all I can see watching you at the altar, in the readings, and at Communion, your devotion and in your general demeanor, I would encourage you to think about the Holy Ministry some more.  Just my observations and suggestions – please feel free to totally ignore them!

I knew he would not be able to answer that, so I just reached (way!) up – patted his shoulder.  He smiled and nodded.  I did my duty and planted the seed.  We shall see what comes of it.

Got to my fave beer store on the way home.  Ole Seb, my buddy, and one of his Older Son relatives who worked with Seb on my truck were gathered outside, along with a Young Son that works at the store that I talk to all the time about attitude and moving up.  Three blacks, and me, like family.  No BLM BS here!  Ole Son grabs my solid purple tie (it matches the checked pattern in my shirt), and says –

I like THAT!

I look straight at him and ask:

Ole Son, exactly how old are you?  (He’s still holding my tie)


I just did a quick silent laugh with my shoulders and said “shyte” low but audibly.

You my age.  Dang, you oughtta know us Ole Sons got some kind of ego that says “Yeah, wear THAT PURPLE one – even to Church!”

He about split a gut and walked off snorting and laughing.  I looked a Seb and shrugged my shoulders and he said – “Perfect!”  We all started laughing, and the Old Son came back and joined us.  Handshake/shoulder bumps all the way round.  Knew Seb and Old Son would get it – I wanted the Young Son to see the interplay.  Boosted my creds with him with that one.  He just got a bit of a promotion to assistant manager on the paperwork and he’s just 19 years old!  Gotta keep him pumped, he’s on the right path!  It was genuine fun!!

Just did some quick checking.  From way earlier this morning, Pastor Peters nailed catechesis!  And this one gets my thumbs up big time!  Get in, make your points, get out!  Folks love that and remember it!  The length of a sermon is one of my fave topics!  Might just have to do a piece on that sometime!

Knick, knack, Paddywhack, give the dog a bone!  Gave my Pug a steak bone last night.  Killed it – made it disappear in three hours.  Gotta realize – Pugs have no jaw, almost!  Gave him a bigger one about an hour ago.  He’s trying to beat last night’s record!  File that under “How to make sure your dog is faithful to only you!”  Heh!

The Eucharist re-arranges the world somehow.  Don’t ask ME how, the best theologians in the world and all of history are unable to explain it.  I might add to this puppy later – then again – I just might leave it be.  Said what I wanted to say.








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