Sweet Mama Lou!  Miss you so much, and love you always, Mine! –  Yours!

I am finally doing what you constantly told me to do – “Git back at it!”

Wayne has some vacancies – he seems very eager to help, and told me to tell Hennings “Wherever, whenever.”  I don’t know about that, but as in all things we shall see, and your ever/always spoken dictum will bear out”

“It’ll all!”  It is.

Guess I have some “spelshul” clothes shopping to do.  Albs, cinctures and chasubles with stoles can be had without anywhere near a huge fortune, if you are not trying to look ultra-ornated.  In fact, what I once had was simple  – the first was brocaded – which was a bit more expensive.  The second, linen, which I recommend.  Already have a site – under 4 bones for 4 chasubles with lined stoles.  Cincture – white – $23,  Alb – Beautiful, too! – a buck 29.  $530 and out!  Very doable.  Clerical collars – $34 apiece.  $56 total, plus shipping..  That would be – you have to understand my mindset – wunnerful!  Wunnerful!!  WUNNERFUL!!!  Gotta look RIGHT up front!

I have already been gifted with a beautiful 4″ gold-plated crucifix and chain.  Gotta go shopping a jewelry stores to get the inside dope on getting dark emeralds mounted on my Pastor’s ring.  Otherwise, Plan B as usual.  Always loved what St. Kurt said – “If you have the job, wear the uniform.”


Welpers – I am going to move forward as if it all depends on me.  If God is willing, things WILL happen.  If not, I’ll know that, too!  I can no longer stand still, doing zip, as I have been.  For your sake alone, Lou, I “retired.”  It was the.last.thing.in.the.world.I.wanted.to.do!  But at that time, it was killing you, literally.  And now, after all(!) is settled, I am going back.  You are home safe – my number one pastoral responsibility!

So – it is all now in motion.  I am as excited as I was in mid-April, 1986, awaiting my first Call at Sem.  Only . . . worse, somehow!  I cannot begin to explain it except to another pastor, really, except I could to my wife and my buddy Abby.  It is what most would call an addiction.  Carl would call it subtle clericalism.  Gary would call it chasing after ghosts, and most of my own family yawns at it.  They might be more excited if I told them I took a supervisory position at Walmart.  Heh!

But seriously, it is not merely “what I do” . . . but “who I am.”  Fr. Patrick would understand in a heartbeat, while Carl would give everyone a lecture about clericalism.  Well, Carl (and Gary) – old friends – you don’t know shyte about that of which you speak!  You are beyond clueless.  Despite all the slanted commentaries, Scripture is really quite to the point and simple to understand.  I have “the Call.”  It was never issued by a man-made organization, so I likewise need no man to tell me I don’t understand.  If you push back at such sort – like some are doing with the commie idiots in Berkeley, but only verbally – they are quick to retreat.  They won’t admit they don’t have clue, but they’ll know there is zero reception of their nonsense at my address.  Works for me.  🙂 🙂

It’s been 42 months, almost to the day.  That is long enough.



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