A Fave of Mine, But . . .

Impeccable logic, if it had begun with all the facts . . .

The biggee is, for me, is not notifying Congress.  That was his Constitutional duty.  Donald did not do that.  That is my bitch with him.  But as I said yesterday, Americans have a “war” button within, that is activated once a Prez does what Donald did.  Same with pols – you can see it in the commie dems hating on him earlier in the same day, then all of a sudden praising him.

The secondary issues –

1.  There is no proof it is sarin gas.  Rescuers went in without any protection whatsoever.  A soul ought to be a little inquisitive about that!

2.  There is no proof it was Assad.  There were other counties besides Russia that said he was rid of the stuff as required.  One must ask Qui bono?

3.  ISIS does control production facilities of sarin gas, and . . .


The media and the spooks and the Pentagonadals who, but a few hours earlier, were lying to the President, were suddenly somehow trustworth.

Form you own opinion, Sports Fans.

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