It Comes to This . . . Again

On May 19th, 2003, I began losing my best friend online.  The final cataclysm that ended matters took over two years to occur, but it effectively ended matters.  The issue?  The constitutionality of Mr. Bush’s war against Iraq.  There was, and remains to this day – none.  My friend, whom I never stopped treating as such but no longer received reciprocity, was the one I (and no other) labeled The Bubba of Bombast.  He was hilarious and yet serious, as lighthearted as one seeing flowers on a spring day.  He could be right in the mix, and yet, he had his dark side.  Some would say it was the Dreaded John Barleycorn what took him.  But I know better.  He died angry and sad about a lost love, and it finally, at long last, broke his heart.  As a side note, we both loved and wore the same Indy Jones hat, before we knew each other.  I still do.

I wrote a fairly eloquent eulogy which the new curators of his site (still up) – who had hated me for simply disagreeing with Smif in our long comments discussions and arguments, (some were former readers of my own site) –  miraculously approved for inclusion in their much longer eulogy of comments.  All but the most recent comments were later cleared off the site, so one cannot find the eulogies anymore.

Rob was the biggest name and friend online I lost over Mr. Bush’s unconstitutional war, which I stressed to Rob would never end, and of this date of writing, I am still right and it has not ended.  Not that I set out to be right, but I do, at every turn, seek to be constitutional.  To those who know me for my weird collar, that attitude takes precedence right after my first love, the Authority of Scripture.  I believe, in my adult life, I have not betrayed either, nor confused the two.

In a ‘déjà vu’ moment last night, I began to see it all happening again – at my fave and most-visited site.  This time, I have chosen not to engage.  Trump blew it attacking Syria without a declaration of war from Congress – his Constitutional responsibility as Commander-in-Chief(!) – and without proof of who did the gassing earlier in the week.  I really feel no desire to discuss all of that again – I have done so once today already, and it was very mentally taxing.  But again I learned of the mental condition that occurs in the minds of most Americans.  We have been literally programmed to “hail war whenever” – and as in every war since WWI, it will prove to be very hurtful to America and its reputation.  Our founders were not beating their gums nor wasting ink when they said or wrote what they wrote.  But all of that has become completely malleable in the hands of American politicians and our miserable excuse for a media!

Needless to say at this point, I rabidly disagree with the launching of the missiles yesterday bigly!  Not because Raytheon made a huge bundle of money for the replacement order today from the Pentagonadals, but because my President, about whom I sweated bullets for in the primary and the election, broke the oath he gave on January 20th, 2017.  Put to the acid test yesterday, he went forth, breaking it with a typical wishy-washy, pseudo-pro-American political excuse.  It is worse than the anguish of a lover who learns the worst about her mate.  That “can” be a beautiful situation of forgive and forget.

But not this – it  cannot be erased from history.  History is not about forgiveness in any way!  The first death, either side, so to speak, will be massively illicit, and wrong, and can ONLY be laid at the feet of but one man – Donald J. Trump – as will any subsequent deaths.

Go ahead – give it your best shot.  But when the day is done, it will still have happened, no matter the amount of rhetoric that is, at the moments, flying around the media and the Net.  If he were a contestant on his own show, Donald would today, have to “Fire Donald.”  He, and the Constitution, set the parameters of  this all.

I did not.

I am left only with the facts that matter, even if Donald seems massively successful in the end.  The end does not justify the means.  Taken from the Scriptural, theological perspective, I have forgiven him.  From the Constitutional perspective, nothing can be done.  He did it.  All contrary opinion cannot erase that “source” fact!

He did it, and matters have changed forever.


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