Sweet Mama Lou

As you already know, from your vantage point of which I am extremely jealous, I have started writing again in earnest!  Maybe moreso than ever!  I have yet another sermon coming behind what I have written, and the post I should quit procrastinating about and write.

My Love – all is as well as it can be this side of the River.  I miss you dearly – our rides, our talks, going to Church together and feeling the Kingdom seep all over us – all of that.  Of course, you live in that atmosphere, and I can only long for it back here, but I will get there, My Love.  As He promised you and delivered on that promise on December 28th, so he will at the moment He is done counting the hairs on my head, do so for me!  LOL!

It’s Opening Day, Baby – your favorite non-Churchly Holy Day.  ESPN is trying to say it was yesterday- three games were played, but you and I know only when the Red Sox and Astros kick it off, is it REALLY Oepning Day!  Sox are up 5-zip on Pittsburg, Stros play later on.

One of those two is going to the Series, Babe.  The experts are never right, anyway!  LOL!

Tyler is in town, bit she is living with Nick at his folks.  I will be on her like stink on a shyte about getting married, and already am.  I’ll do it, too!  I kept their crazy Shepherd mix 3 month old puppy last week until Luna (the dawg), won over his folks.  Done deal now, and no one is more relieved that Ole Conan.

Yeah, after Milo getting a petting and laying down to depart, and you preferring glory in December (cannot fault you a bit!) – Conan The Barbarian McGillicuddy has become “mah dawg” completely.  His muzzle is grey, his ears are getting traces, and he is perfectly content with sleeping 8-9 hours right next to me, getting vigorously rubbed and petted to wake up, going outside, afternoon naps, supper, bye-bye and and my Old Man’s schedule.

Two Old Men, playing out the string.  Works for us!  I am doing most all of this for him, he is pretty slim, and still quite energetic and playful.  He is just Pug Old Age – 10 years.  Can you believe that?  Sheesh – in dog years he is 73 – 9 years older than me.  Where does the time go?

We both miss you, Love, but we both understand the nature of things and are content to wait until our time comes.  That’s what made me crazy about Gary.  He had never been content in the faith, so he is still waging war against Jesus.  You know his routine.  I am now poking at him indirectly (see last night’s post).

Trump is killing things in DC and doing what he promised, the media is berserk and the commie dems have lost all rationality.  Normal, as usual.

I am perfectly content at Kens – I benefit him and Elaine, they return the favor.  Good arrangement.  But the Church and Holy Ministry beckon yet again.  I’ll keep you posted on that one!

Well, the Pug and I are off for a nap.  I know you are having a blast just  wandering around and searching out eternity – so go for it.  Trust you found your brother Richard – he’ll help you big time!  I’ll be there soon!  Then I will need YOUR help getting around the place!

I love you, Darling Mine –



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