A Friend

I have a friend named Gary, and although we are poles apart regarding the reality of the Incarnation of Christ and the One Holy Faith, about which I have tried to discuss with Gary as he was leaving the Church, and since. but his tactic of trying to overwhelm any critic with his version of fact, or ad hominem – the use of either or both work for him – makes most discussions quite unprofitable.  He is right, and all critics must acknowledge that as fact a priori.  He does maintain a site and a blog – a blog in which he “proves” himself correct.  I have begun taking a more indirect route on reaching out to him rather than telling him he has carried his fundamentalism directly from his childhood faith to his present state.  That approach has had little or no effect on him thus far.

Now, unless one reads nothing but ancient manuscripts in their original languages, one has at least heard the name of John C. Wright, the prolific Science Fiction author.  A quick Google will quickly inform the uninformed.  Wright has a rather amazing story to tell, one which required more than a fair amount of personal strength of integrity both to endure, and tell.

I am not going to even attempt a commentary of my own about what Wright underwent; he explains it quite well in simple words for all to read and understand.  Having mentioned and linked my friend Gary to it through my own site here, he will know about it.  I am very interested in his response, if any, which I will certainly publish here if he goes out on the proverbial limb.

To all other readers – enjoy the piece about Wright!




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