The Stupid! It Burns!!

Monica Showalter wrote a piece citing Andrew Macolm in positive fashion for his “insights.”

I sit stunned at such monumental blindness and outright idiocy!

Unfortunately, most “conservatives” – such as they are, will rally round the flag and cheer on our spooks.  And we call the commie libs idiots?

Our spooks were listening into private info in the Trump camp in illegal fashion.

Our spooks were trying to undermine Donald to get Hillary elected.

Our spooks were admirably breaking into Russian computers and falsifying info and leaving behind false trails that caused the Pentagon to dream of huge $’s and contracts, and think the unthinkable, a first-strike nuclear war with Russia.

Our spooks falsely blame the Russians for upsetting the not-at-all-tidy Nuland/CIA coup in Ukraine, and Russia, on the overwhelming Crimean  vote in favor, welcoming what had always been a part of Russia back home, getting back their southern port from the political map-makers.

Our spooks, like the geniuses they clearly are not, made their posts seem as if they came from Russia, which has, of course, commie dems frothing at the mouth and the media pooping their pants at the possible stories, all of them false and spook-originated, that can somehow defeat Donald.

Our spooks held up/purposely withheld the release of the proof of their wrongdoing to Congress.

Our spooks, again trying on the genius costume with no success, got themselves hacked royally huge by Wikileaks, and now – their dirty, stinking underwear is hung up in broad daylight all over the world, making our spooks look like spooking idiots.

Think Don Adams/Maxwell Smart, or Pink Panther/Peter Sellers, or these two –

And Showalter and Malcolm consider it all “re-assuring?”

And halfway commend our spooks for “being on the job?”

Words fail me.


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