Collar OFF!

I am taking off my weird shirt with the collar –  this STILL really pisses me off!  I know of two men right this moment, myself being one, who would gladly trade their present suffering and mourning for the opportunity the husband in the story had to nurse his wife to health, and he chose to exploit it and had recourse to have it legally denied to even the woman’s family!  Money and sex will do that to a man!  I would love to see a true-to-life movie undertaken by Mel Gibson on that one!

I was in the USSSP (United Soviet Socialist State of St. Petersburg) as all of that went down.  The court judge (Lord, forgive me that I have held on to hate this long!) I would personally hang from a lamp-post – right beside the hubby!  To his limited credit, Gubnor John Ellis (JEB!) tried to intervene and get higher Courts involved, but the higher courts scurried out of sight like Florida cockroaches in the bright lights of the case.  The judge ruled out every option – all being quite logical, and ruled to allow a slowly recovering woman, wife and daughter to die – a starving – state-sanctioned murder.  It was inconceivable!  I was apoplectic, as the judge’s final ruling stood and the woman was starved to death!  And naturally, the judge had state goons guarding her door and the hospital, so the family could not spirit her off.

This was rank euthansia!  And despite the protests of millions protesting there and around the world, countless Church bodies, ethicists, what have you, the deed got done.  They killed her!  Seeing the article this morning just fanned all those long-thought-dead flames within me to become a roaring blaze yet again.  That was the first day I began to think America had died, and we have just been singing long hymns at the funeral since!

Okay, rant over, collar back on, but zero repentance for the continued rage.  None, nada, zilch.  I’ll gladly reprise Jacob’s role of “wrestling with the Lord until daybreak” in my hate over that event!  And now . . .




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