And Not So Novel Thoughts


St. Paul had his thorn in the flesh, to keep him humble.

America has its thorn – And half of America likes the thorn!

Chelsea Hubbell got her Woman’s Achievement Award last week.  Unfortunately, there was no list of the achievement(s) that produced such an award (fill in your joke here _______ .

With it came all the breathtaking oohs and ahs about her possibly working her way to the Presidency.  Surely God’s good nature has been stretched to its limit with that family!  But . . .

In what sounds ominous, and certainly not being issued forth by any “mayoral” candidate, came issuance from the bear who has emerged from her cave of hibernation, and back at it twice in one day.

First, this.  The continued call to arms.  The far left mantra is now hers.

Then this.  Even far more worrisome.  She is utterly incapable of the courtesies of having held high office, and respecting those who have won.  I am not paranoid per se, but with this family?  Can’t help but think these were shots across the bow.

I know – I know – she has a shitload of charges about to drop squash her like a bug, hopefully.  The obstacles are immense.  But I have always remembered, it’s not the way we think about matters, that matters.

It’s the way she thinks!

She has felt anointed to the highest office since forever.  She is surveying the landscape, and while Donald IS doing what he said, Congress is still filled with the same GOPe hacks led by the same GOPe hacks and they seem unable to pull the trigger on the . . . (shoot, I almost got poetical and exceedingly “white-privileged” and racisssss!) . . . the ACA; they still haven’t gotten rid of her favorite hack Comey, and they have obvious lost their minds thinking that a turn-coat like Ryan could lead he House.

She’s looking, saying to herself – “Not too bad!”  I own the Deep State . . . hell, I’m one of them!  If words ever got out about ALL of the shit I pulled off . . . but it never will; we’ve corrupted every GOPe candidate, and even shook Reagan’s tree a good bit.  Ryan?  McConnell?  Every bit as they as malleable as they were when Obama ruled the roost”

“In this landscape – who better but me?”

Call me paranoid.  I don’t care.  I have been watching this family’s show since Billy BJ was guv.  They have no thorns in the flesh, except – not ruling the rest of us.  And, money is now no issue for her.

Wiser heads may counter – understood.  But as for me and my house . . .


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