Novel Thought

Again, being on the VA leaves me without a dog in the hunt in the health care debacle.

However, a question keeps bugging me.  Why in Heaven or hell do folks thinking gummint is anything but a potential problem in healthcare?

Let the gummint repeal Obama Care, and leave the free market be.

Let gummint separate the indigent, the poor, and existing/catastrophic conditions, and put them on Medicaid.  Many times hospitals end up doing so for the poor right at the hospital anyway.  Remove them from the insurance pool.  They have become ping pong balls in all of this thus far, anyway.  Give illegals a cursory check-up before they get on the planes back home.  That would be infinitely cheaper than the ACA, and likewise whatever is on the back burners in Congress.

Tell the insurance companies and the entire medical industry – hospitals and specialists – to ease up with the perpetual increases and already and sky-high prices, or there will be intervention!

And let gummint and both industries begin take an honest assessment of the medical cooperatives that have been forming.  Sean talked about one today.  They can hold the power of the purse over everyone in both industries.

I once asked a member in one of my churches who is a hospital business manager, after I got exort … err … billed $800 bucks for a 30 second look by the nurse with a tongue depressor, who saw the streptococcus all over my son’s throat, and gave us two of the antibiotic pill, with a script for the same, in an empty ER that still took 20 minute to get to my son.

She mentioned the higher charge for ER. “Okay, I’ll give you that much, I suppose, but 800 bucks?  There wasn’t even a throat swab – just a 30 second peek, five minutes to chase down a physician for the script, and that was it.

She said: “Pastor, hospitals are caught betwixt and between in all of this.  We do have costs, and it used to be we would bill the insurance company, and they would normally say ‘Ok’ and send us our money.  Then, they began to cut into our charges to the point it they began halving them.  So we upped our charges to get what we needed.  Then it became less than half in many instances, so our only response was to raise our charges high enough to get what we have to have.  And it has started to become a sort of war of wills, and I spend many hours on the phone with adjusters trying to reason with them, but to little or no avail.”

“I’m sorry, but that’s just the way it is.  It is a vicious circle.”

Did obamacare and gummint intervention help?  Laughable – it exacerbated every aspect of the racket, and gave a free rein to the insurance industry (They loved the ACA!), and it all has become an even worse bavarian fuster cluck since.

The cooperatives being formed (there is Christian one in Houston that is growing and doing quite well).  The one Sean mentioned today was $50 a month per individual.  These coops will do what no gummint plan will do, and they dicker with the medical, pharmacological, and insurance industries for their customers.

The free market works just fine when gummint gets out of it!  If we have to put up with medicaid and the like that is enough.  Any further interference from gummint smacks of socialism, and we should be done with it.

Pass that one sentence bill repealing ACA and the problems  and conditions it required (or caused), and let the market work.

Then get down to taxes and the Wall and I suppose, funding 2017 since Congress seems incapable of creating or maintaining its own budget.  Harp on these things and open an investigation into the Fed.

That by itself would require much beer and popcorn!  coolno


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