Okie Dokes

Having logged 64 years on this old globe and having experienced most everything out there, except those no right thinking (emphasis on right), soul should or would do, I am contemplating strongly a bit of a change around the old joint here.  I figure to do the following, with preface.

I am no newbie to the Net.  I got into a political site back (Usenet? – I do not remember, although the discussion were quite intense) in the late 90’s, when the net was slow as an inchworm, and I had only used the computer as a word-processor prior to that.  But by 2002, I had a (then) top of the line Toshiba, and I joined the blogging phenomenon. It was just after The God-Father of Blogging – Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit.com in 2001 cranked up his still strong and running site, and one of my current buddies’ dailies.  I  used to read him when he was linked by another site, but I never quite caught his flow – Bill Quick and his Daily Pundit.com.  Bill personally gave the phenomenon its name – The Blogosphere.  It stuck big time.  And he’s is a mandatory daily stop.  Warning!  He’s no shrinking violet, to say the least.

A further aside which will make sense in a minute or so – I have never had my hair give into gray hair.  My beard turned snow-white at 50, as did my Dad’s and his Dad.  But my hair, even now at 64, has kept its auburn red color, with almost no grey around the temples.  But back then, I was several years beyond my divorce, was proudly running my own home rehab biz in collaboration with an agency that bought not so very good houses. and then  sub-contracted me and my buddy Joe to re-do completely them for resale and then rent.  So I grew the locks long – a bit longer than a foot below my lowest collar.  And despite it being relatively straight, though very trainable as I now keep it, it gets a bit of a curl and grows thick when left to do so.  My mother would run her hands through it and lament that it was a shame the men in the family had the gorgeous hair.  So it seemed apt to have a theme song that mirrored the name of my site – Long-Haired Country Boy.  A number of the God-Father’s (Reynolds) “blog children” visited each day, as it featured quick blurbs and links to all sort of news.  My blog handle(s) the same as today – pb or jb.  Other sites linked often and one popular site got the word to others posting at his own joint, saying – “I have no idea where jb finds all the shyte (he spelled it differently) he does, but his is a must-stop site everyday.”  I guess it still shows up not too, too far below all the Charlie Daniels’ links at Google, if you are inclined to such boredom looking.

Back then it was about driving numbers, but several personal developments put that idea to rest.  I tried a couple other, each trying a different format, but after a week or two even I didn’t like them.  Of course I stayed online, with a (now) 17-18 year old handle.  I took it to gmail because MS treated hotmail like a poor step-child and it simply deteriorated to such a degree it wouldn’t let me in to my own mail.  So, I gave it up.

But in 2011, I started this site, tenuously at first and for awhile, but got it going pretty good.  I liked WordPress, I was posting relatively often, but I started to get kind of goofy – carrying on about stuff – political and theological – that I grew to dislike.

So last year, I deleted all, but kept the site alive, and began to go in the direction I intended for it to go originally.  Now (for awhile, actually), I have been considering an addition, not really a change.  I am still going to have my longer political and theological posts – especially sermons when I get in that mood; but also, on a more daily basis, I am going back to the format I used on LHCB.  I’ll give it an honest shot day-to-day and see what I think, first of all.  If I can draw a few serious readers, word will get around.  I’ll take if from there after that.

So that’s the long and the short of it.  I’ll probably give the whole idea a test drive for the next week or three (or maybe less).  See how it goes.  Hope my doing so doesn’t upset the schedules of my 3.4 readers.  Heh!

Pax – jb


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