Well, partly.

I had to drive from the far west city limits of Houston, to it east city limits.  It is 45 miles one way, freeways all the way.  It was furrily quick going east, got there in less than 90 minutes.  But I caught rush hour coming back when I hit I10 west.  It rook me almost 3 hours on the return trip, in heat over 85 (there was some breeze from the occasional bird sneezing, but sheesh!  And that’s just city limits.  There is another 45 just beyond actual city limits – either direction.  It’s nuts, and I was mighty tempted to turn the air blue with extremely salty words.  I confined myself by doing so only in scatological terms, and I forgave them all.  There is a reason why, I pray, I will live in the town with our humble sanctuary and my little band of fellow travelers a ways NW of the city.  Different pace to life there!

Joy tempered by melancholy  My “fave” grand-daughter (don’t tell a soul!), is back from South Africa to go to school.  I sure hope she picks one of the smaller state colleges/universities a short ways out of Houston.  College Station and Austin are nightmares to drive to, and worse when you get there.  Anyway – I haven’t seen her since last August, just before she and her much younger brother and sister left with Mama Angie – my step-daughter daughter, and Lou’s actual daughter, for South Africa..  They spent Friday and Saturday nights with us at our then new place, and we BBQ’d and watched movies and laughed and giggled and stayed up late and got some ultra-quality time.

I am, and I know they are, very thankful we had that weekend – my dear Lou’s/Nana’s last time with us all together.  Ya never know when, Sports Fans.  Make every moment together count!  She and her long-time beau, Nick, and I will do lunch together Saturday on my nickel.  Very much looking forward to seeing them both.  Nick stood in for her at Lou’s funeral. He’s a special kind of guy.  His kind are few and far between, I’ll tell ya.

The new steering pump, installed yesterday, performed flawlessly.  It had better!  Something always nicks my attempt at a bit of a month-end stash.  Next month – brakes.  That is planned for, but my brother’s central air going out was not.  Not cheap.  I am going to help him out, best I can.

Four days and a wake-up, and I’ll be finally able to properly sing the Beatles’ anthem – although the “many years from now” sub-title will no longer apply – they’ve come and are long gone.  Happens, Sports Fans.

Not trying to rush the Lord.  I still haven’t done this yet.  Bucket List!  Maybe if I do that song in Gregorian Chant . . . that might turn the trick!

I am either one beer too many,  or one beer too few, since I got off the freeway.  Guess I’ll be experimenting to find out which.  Heh-heh.  Why is every time I say that, turns out I had one too few?

Welpers, it just keeps happening, much to my delight!  President Trump was right, and the commies in the media wrong again!  They are going to go berserk, which in my book, the media has already accomplished just that!  It shore does have Sundance dancing!  Me, too.  I love that primary delegates total – 1543.  Keeps me wondering – “Ted Who?”  Me bad.  Also that 305 number in the Electoral College.  Makes me cackle worse than – well, you know.  That disaster averted. too!

Well, what do you know, by my calculations, it’s been one beer too few.  Cheers!  And – later!







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