Roger Simon, no fan of Trump all through the primary and elections seasons, suddenly thinks he knows how to manage the Donald.  On another site that properly tells Simon to to “take a hike,” I posted a comment there that, upon further reflection, I thought should be here as well.

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I don’t believe Donald is capable of “wonkery.”  He is a salesman.  Having been one on the side for many years, successful sales is not some sort of magic some people have and others don’t do not.  It is a learned task – difficult because most folks cannot or will not put in the time to learn sales.  In sales (and I did mine door-to-door, one of the hardest forms of sales), you have 15 seconds to overcome objections to get in the door, and must know your product inside and out so that when you customer offers an objection (which seems like a reason not to buy to those who give up in sales), the true salesman realizes the objection is to be overcome, and on the spot.  He shows yet another feature of his product to overcome the objection.  Once the objections are overcome and finished, the real salesman will get the sale .

It is not fraudulent or any such thing, it is the experience of being comfortable with people, hearing them, and answering their questions.  Trump got the sale in November because he didn’t listen to the nay-sayers and those (like many of the PJ crew and posters on Insty) that decried his effort.  He sold the American voters.  He had a new ground game no one in the political class seemed to understand.  He looked people in the eye when he offered his “product,” and emphasized his personal guarantee.  And in doing so, he showed why the “old product” is really useless.

It is the Presidency, a culmination of his life’s work, along with a love for his country (not gummint) that he was able to reach out those those who have been ripped off or sold junk by others (politicians) – or “wonkery by another name.

It’s just not in him to do so.  He, in fact, detests wonkery, and sees through the bullshit in DC and has come into town, guns a-blazin’ and changing the tune and tone.  And I believe he will say something to the effect (he has before in various ways):

“Guys and gals, it is not my wrath you should fear, but that of your constituents.  They don’t like what you have been doing, or not doing,  I promised to change that and am changing that, to the consternation of the whole political class.  You guys don’t get it.  Well, it’s high time you quit screwing around, because the people sent me here to tell you to quit screwing them around!

“Don’t pull the same old act and expect all cheers when you go home.  You won’t hear them, because you have worn the people out with your usual dealings in this chamber.  It’s a new day with a new sheriff, and unless you prefer being “retired,”  you had better “git ta gittin’ – and pronto!”

Not a bit of wonkery there.  He sold the electorate.  Now, like a good salesman, he is warning Congress not to void the sale, or they will be voided.  By now they should know that when he directs himself to a specific problem, he aims to fix the problem.  He is merely going to give them a road map for their own political fortunes to succeed.  It’s their call, and he will make sure they know it’s their call.

He has absolutely no need of wonkery.

Hear ends the Epistle.  Amen.


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