A Return to the Regular

Having been a bit of a hermit, justifiably so, as the posts of the last seven week indicate, I have still kept “in touch” with the news.  It has been, since when I almost forget, a target-rich environment what with the nomination and election of President Donald J. Trump.  And given that the end of this weekend marks the first month in office for President Trump, I thought it would be appropriate to put forth a bit of a grade for his first month.

Looking back on all he has accomplished against fierce opposition, is remarkable.  That he has done so in a likewise remarkably good humor, is as noteworthy.  Much from which to choose.  But as I surveyed it all, there was one monumental achievement by President Trump that outshines all others.  He, better than all, understood his first and foremost problem, and how unless he dealt with it forcefully, yet properly, it would dog his every step.  So without a word of description, and a hat-tip to my prescient friend, Abby, I give you my first month’s grade on President Donald J. Trump:

No automatic alt text available.

A letter grade seemed, to me, woefully inadequate.

I had not seen that before this morning, when it caused an immediate reaction within my sinuses to the effect of the coffee flowing through them.

True – there have been many weighty issues facing our new President these last 30 days, but a press that had long ago disdained the notions of boundaries or civilities, could interfere and muck up everything else our President hoped to accomplish.  He knew that, and especially yesterday, launched his main salvo of missiles in what the press must think, given their words and reactions today, must have felt like the nuclear option.  Yesterday, the media was hardly the message, as Marshall McLuhan once defined it.

It was, at last – the target.  Our President hit the bulls-eye.

It did this older American’s heart good.  That is how I describe myself – an American.  That name carries with it not the the fluff and stuff of the modern mind, but the direct connection to the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and our Constitutional Republic, about which we have a terrible record of stewardship.  Nonetheless, by God’s grace it remains, and no one in DC but our current President, a politician by no means, thank the Lord, understands.

Even a few in the media kinda get it, finally, maybe. Dickerson admits it, then turns right around and undoes it.  So the message is hitting home.  The media has been given fair and ample warning.  Trump has taken this to us – the Dirt People – and the Cloud People in the press and society need to understand.

This is our country.  You have had more than enough opportunity, and have done nothing but bring America to the precipice of ruin in all it was intended to be.  Simply put . . .

No more.


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