My Love

I miss you, and will until I am again at your side.  I made the move, so I was able to sit in “our” pew Sunday – there were others, but no one next to me.  It was, as was Patrick’s wonderful letter just below, strangely comforting and quieting.

Peace, not as the world gives peace, but that of the Lord, Who has fully experienced our situation in this life, yet without sin, that He alone might redeem us all.  But I am here, alone, and wishing I were with you, at your side.  That shall be both my burden, and my joy, until the Lord’s angel sounds the trump for my entrance into the Land of Home to be with you.

I am breaking my “writing” fast with this tonight.

As I was contemplating what I might write – I started humming a hymn.  At first I didn’t think about it, then the melody caught my attention, I chased it down, and I have posted it below.  The music is divine, but the words even moreso.  Yes, tears, but good ones, joyful ones, those of a pilgrim sighting home off in the distance.  I never could sing the hymn all the way through, like the several others you know gave me that problem.  How I ever sang all those solos over the years I will never know on this side, save to say it was purely the Lord’s grace that let me do so.

As last week, I will join you at the Holy Altar Sunday, my Love.  I shall sing with you and all the angels and arch-angels, and all the host of Heaven, and join you in the Divine Feast of our Lord.  As we promised each other in our vows, is now forever.  Together.  Eternity.

Behold a Host, Arrayed in White



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