Sweetheart . . .

You would have loved being at your memorial today.  The whole family was there, I used the Epistle verses about the Resurrection, and I read the Lord’s take on the “Ideal Wife” from Proverbs 31.  It fit you like a glove.  Then all of us, including Arnel and Ari and young Nick, went to Outback.  We were there over 3 hours, and no one was in a rush when we did decide to finally break it up.

I spoke of your faith, the promises of Jesus, what you meant to me, and heard their words – “like a sister to me” . . . Lorraine was part of the family from day one . . . she was so down to earth and speaking well of everyone always.”

You made quite a mark on them in our time together, My Love.  I was a most fortunate man , in every way, to be able to have loved you.  You truly made me a whole man.


2 comments on “Sweetheart . . .

  1. John Venlet says:

    JB, I am dismayed to read about the loss of your wife. May the peace which passes all understanding envelope you, and may God walk with you and provide you strength in carrying the burden of grief.

  2. Been There, Done That says:

    John – I sent you an e-mail. But thank you so very much, old friend!

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