It was a distinct treat and privilege to wait and watch – I am glad I refrained from writing, so as not to break the spell of what I was watching.  To put it in its simplest terms, on June 16, 2015, when The Donald announced his Presidential attentions, I turned to my bride and told her:

“Watch the man closely – he will be the next President!”

It happened.  Step by step – it happened.  The man was ultra-prepared – better than any candidate ever known.  He took down the puritanical dwarfs of the GOPe, shut up their idiot backers, the Bushies and Romney and the rest of the establishment dwarfs at National Review and The Weekly Standard.  He demolished the Liar in the White House as a fraud and a charlatan.  And the way in which he beat Hillary Clinton (and Bill) and the dem party every which way but loose was a once in a lifetime thing of beuty to behold.  He has left the dem commies in such a sea of disarray, as this quote from BQ’s (another “since day 1″ compadre) clearly shows:

“The Left doesn’t understand any of this, and they won’t reformulate their playbook. They will stick tohe same failed script, as we have already seen just in the last few weeks since the election. Years from now, and likely even decades from now, the Left will still be trying their stealth (and not-so-stealth) propaganda/indoctrination/bullying efforts, and they will continue to fail.

“That’s why Trump’s victory is so historically significant: It is a major paradigm shift in the arc of history that completely destroys the leftists’ long-term game plan, past, present and future. To such an extent that now we’re playing an entirely new game with entirely new rules.

“But the left refuses to acknowledge this, and they will continue to play the old game. So they will lose. And lose. And lose. And lose. Over and over and over again until they too see the futility of the entire leftist worldview.”

Another pertinent quote I want to remember, is from Rev. Fr. Larry Beane, a fellow pastor within the LCMS, as related by my best friend Suz from Facebook:

“Let’s resolve to make 2017 the most politically incorrect year ever! Let’s use hashtags, fly our flags, express our opinions to anyone we choose, any way we choose, ignore their proscriptions, laugh at their professors, and use the political process to stop funding their identity agenda. Let’s celebrate western civilization and American history and don’t let anyone denigrate our rich and diverse heritages (which these sad little boys and girls just lump in the catch-all pejorative “white”).

“(Hey, is my skin white? It doesn’t look white to me. It looks like a shade of beige.)

“But most of all, have fun, crack jokes, and be joyful! These brainwashed neo-puritans are the most uptight, dour, pietistic, dreary cadre of aparatchiks since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

We owe it to them to teach them humor, humility, and how real people (yes, with jobs) actually live together in real communities without sucking all the joy out of life and creating walls between groups of people.

“If you want to learn how different ethnic groups can actually live together and interact, watch Clint Eastwood’s “Gran Torino”.

“I think we can have a real year of cultural hope and change by reintroducing freedom, discourse, rigorous intellectual debate rooted in logic (not feelings) and a refusal to be told what to do by ninnies whose knowledge of the world comes from their fill-in-the-blank “studies” classes.”

“I like my resolutions better!

I do believe Fr. Beane is also a “16er” – 6/16/15, as I recall.  I do not wish ill on a soul, but I do so enjoy the hand-wringing and blame slinging of the dems, the Clintons and Podesta and their klingon followers, and the every day commies.  Of courwse it is all rank hypocrisy – ὑποκριτής  – in its original meaning: wearing a mask as an actor.  Actors on a stage.

I feel no sympathy for the commie left.  They exist as a ruse, so all the machinations and supposed weeping and gnashing of teeth are all an act.

However, there was one tangible, delightful result of this whole herculean effort by President-Elect Trump:  Not the demise of the Bushies and Romney and the old GOP establishment – all of whom Trump put out in the pasture of permanent retirement and irrelevance.  No, even more tangible:

Hillary is finished!  Repeat it!  Sing it!  Dance to it!!!.  She is done!  It is a triumph exceeding all the other victories along the way.  Hillary is done!

All of that, and that Donald ALSO ripped open the commie left media and fully exposed them – no one but a few of us true believers could imagine that, or the level of preparedness Donald had to have had, and for which he actively prepared for before 1/16/15.

And that is the real story of the election of 2016!  Others will find their sweet spot over which to rejoice, but I want the root (Latin: radix, radical!) of the story.  It is right there to be told, and no one is telling it.  Oh, some are in bits and pieces, but they are not putting those bits and pieces together to get the organic whole!

Donald Trump, by  himself, PRE-planned every step to this point, prepared for every contingency and took the public route that upset the most, and worst apple-carts of the commie left, the GOPe, and the media.  When he announced on the 16th, all of this had been played out time and time again in his mind, and all of it was executed with the exact precision of a master engineer.  Whatever seemed to most agg4ravate and rile up b9th political parties, or even his competition, he siad or did – precisely for the reactions that came about – even to the extent of rattling some of his true supporters.  Not me.  I was so enjoying the entire show – nothing like it had ever come about in politics in my lifetime, and his take-down of Megyn Kelly with his “blood” comments?  Calculated.  He served notice to the entire media complex by totally embarrassing the darling of the most conservative news organization (which fired Ailes and has now shown itself to be as left as the rest of the media).  He has turned the media inside out and left it retching having to tell the truth (still very hard for them to do) – all of it pre-planned – as if (and I believe he could!) he envisioned every step, every action and reaction, know when to rile, knew when to retreat.  And it worked – all of it, as he intended.  The political world has never seen such determined planning, preparation, and enactment in full force.

That he exposed the GOPe as nothing but a bunch of worn out philosophical Buckey-ites – by no means “conservative,” and mere fossils hanging around merely to get, as Bill Quick put it so well – “Get their iron gravy bowls filled.”  And dems as commies – all of it was genius.  But for me personally, besides the destruction of the Clintons and the rest, that was of particular delight to me:

His take down and destruction (politically speaking) of Lyin’ Ted Cruz.  It was masterful, and phenomenal!  It was not by accident – what happen had to be pre-planned.  Donald knew his “enemy” – took Cruz on head on, then after securing the nomination, back way back, and let Cruz go onstage at the convention and personally self-destruct, without Cruz knowing that was what he was doing.  It was the master’s stroke – deadly to a politician such as Cruz, exposed as a Bushite, Wall-st4reet beggar, and liar to the voters.  Trump stood back and let Cruz ultimately destroy himself.

So today, I take a deep, satisfied “sigh.”  It’s all over and done as of yesterday.  Let the pundits go on to that which is, to them, is most  inexplicable.

I await January 21st – when the truly impossible begins.  We have the truly right man at the helm, Sports Fans.  🙂



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