MAGA and More

General Musings and Observations on the Election

What the media did to President-Elect Trump during the campaign and primaries, was beneath contempt and an atrocious betrayal of their self-proclaimed role as bringers of the news, and their beclowning their First Amendment protection of their rights.  The commie/left DNC not only approved of their actions, they took part in it, planned virtually all of the protests, and paid for them.

None of that was (or should have been!) really a surprise.  What was the real surprise was that so many professing “Conservatives” played along as well, although when shown that, they screamed and still scream to high heaven and fancy themselves as being the “only” ones who got it right and are beyond any suspicion.  They listened to and took their cues from the screamers on the left and especially the media – and many of them are still mouthing media falsehoods and half-truths as justification for their position – even now that matters have been settled!

Intentionally stupid?  A good number – yes – were, and are continuing to be, intellectually stupid, not willing to examine the fact that they took as their news and sources, the very media they decry.  It was an almost Hamlin-ian response, as they danced to the piper’s notes from the left-wing media.  Of course, they did that, because the neo-con war party that the GOP has become, had already picked out their 16 sides of prime political beef, whom I call “the dwarfs” – and when the events of June 16th, 2015 hit us all, they recoiled like a vampire at the sight of a Cross in a grade-B horror movie!  They beat even the media at rejecting the then future President-Elect.  Horror of horrors, Trump “(wasn’t) Isn’t one of our kind, dearie” as BQ – perhaps one of the single best prognosticators and commentators on this election – loved to put it often.

So – what do you make of supposed “conservatives” – not merely the bosses of the GOP establishment, but the pundits and those who voted for Donald holding their nose because they knew that the female criminal on the opposition’s ticket would be intolerable, or for the sake of SCOTUS’ future, or both?

Well – they have decried the media in every way, shape and form, and yet, they somehow have, in working contradiction or in rank hypocrisy, bought completely the media’s incredibly false narratives and attacks on Trump.  When I ask some I know about that very contradiction, they stammer and stutter and accuse me of failing to be a “conservative.”  I respond that if they are an example of “conservatism,’ then yes, that is true.  But I also tell them that long before most all of them were even a gleam in their daddy’s eye, I was a conservative – not the Buckley-Kristol neocon-ish, perpetual war type (“that is not conservatism!“), but more in the mold Russell Kirk and others who had not turned the Constitution into a personal play toy, by which they tried to tell everyone what to do, live, and believe.  It is interesting – while everyone is focused on the shock wave from the Trump victory that blew the commie dems down and virtually out, it likewise flattened the faux conservatives, and with them, that which most have perceived to be the Grand Old Party.  Those days are now gone, and to that I, and others, are saying . . .

“Good riddance!”


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