Promises Kept

I kept my promise to myself – not to write this, despite all temptations to do otherwise – until today’s date – the 9th – the “day after.”

+       +       +

I was in the middle of the turn right off Breck Street onto FM 1960 here in Houston, and Trump made his announcement of his entering the race . . . June 16th, 2015.  It took me two minutes to get to the apartment, where my Bride was watching it on the lobotomy box.  I walked in and told her:

“He will win, and he has already planned for every contingency.”

He did.  He beat the GOPe dwarfs.  He beat the RNC at its own game.  He pounded on the press as hard or harder than they pounded o him (they still hate him for exposing them!).  They continued to attack – making up false stories and polls trying to prove it was impossible to win.  He was attacked with all manner of accusations of not being politically correct, and made idiots of those who tried.  He trashed the pseudo-conservatives in his own party, and despite their vitriol, had a field day with the leftist dems.  In short, he went through an anal unlike any other in the history of our politics.

So he spoke to the people – the real America.  Not the hoity-toity elites in politics or academia or Hollywood.  To the people . . . those who – to quote Jimmy Stewart talking to Mr. Potter: –

“Do the living and working and dying around here!”

Yeah – he went to the people – all of them – those not “smart enough” to be “elite” – but smart enough to know this country was way, way off track.  He spoke to their hopes and dreams for themselves and their children – of all races and colors, too!  He eve reached out to the elites and screaming libs on the East and Left coasts – although despite their extreme intelligence, simply could not or would not grasp his words.  Yeah – his warts showed – but they were mere bumps next to Hillary’s mountain range!  But he was spectacular in so many ways – in wartime, he would have been called what Patton called Rommel in the movie – a “magnificent bastard!”

He said apologizing was extremely difficult, and did it all along.  He was tender with children and generous to those in need.  He did something unheard of – he ran using his own money. He went to black churches and did not try, as did his opponent, to affect a black dialect.  And his message was the same – and surprisingly, his platform was and is, not really “populist” as accused by within his his own party – those who suffer what is now widely known as Trump Derangement Syndrome.  His platform, his goals, aimed at the proper service to the America people, turned out to be surprisingly . . .

Conservative.  Oh how he was reviled for that!  In fact. he was thrust out further into the GOPe darkness.  H9w he was hated by the elites and the political know-it-alls.

But not any of those who he had come to serve.  He, to this moment, long after the bands have stopped playing and the crowds have gone home, and in his dignified victory speech, reached out to all the people – inviting all to work together for that which we have not had in decades – a united America.  Not these various camps of special interest groups, although I fear we shall be forever stuck with those leeches!  Those of whom the Constitution speaks and defends – those to whom he spoke of this entire election process- the people.  And he even put in some good words for his opponent.  A gracious man.

He overcame all of it – all the crap and ridicule and lies, as well as expert advisors without whose advice he would surely lose – and beat them all!  Donald won it doing what he knew was truly best for this country, and permitted no one – no one – to cause him to deviate from his goal.  And, he had the good sense and the class, not to credit himself as having won a victory, but the American people who won.

Let the forever-critics continue frothing at the mouth with their petty nothings.  Let all those who railed and said “NEVER!” – quietly eat their crow dinner.  For once in a long time – America won – really won.  May it likewise hearken to our President Elect – “Let us . . .”

“Make America Great Again!”

+       +       +

In Nomine Patris, et Filii + et Spiritus Sancti.  Amen.

+       +       +

Update: Final Electoral College tally –  305-233 Trump.


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