Da Miles

Milo, Crazy Cocker, Milo Hamilton, Bye-Bye Dawg . . .

He answered to them all – it was my voice.  He was a rescued dog, really – family had had him but they had no clue as to how to discipline and train a happy dog.  To them he was a hellion on four legs.  I was asked – do you want him?  Or he is going to the pound.

I knew Milo from our visits.  I have a “doggie voice” I use that all dogs warm to – especially Milo.  He was 6 when we got them, he passed today 9 days short of his 13th birthday.  Walked over, lay near our feet, went to sleep, and simply, quietly, left us.

I am not doing a requiem for a dog here – just putting up a post for myself about my good buddy for 7 years and 7 months  He was, as I called him at times – a really good piece of dog meat.

I shall miss him much.



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