Gone for Ten Days

Most of that time (beside fixing a balky pute) was spent thinking and reading and watching and wondering if anyone out there, besides the everyday reliability of Sundance and BQ – were missing – in part or whole, the entire point of the Trump phenomenon.  Other than saying people get what he’s trying to say and do, and ignoring the critics regarding his force of personality and the very literal INability of the media and those in either party who relentlessly attack him.  From the left – expected; from the (so-called) conservative right, who are hardly conservative in anything they say or do, they have collectively blown a fuse, and they cannot see, that Donald will be about fixing problems which are mostly of the “conservative” camp.

It was Mike – another of my daily reads, who with his commentary itself being excellent, latched onto this piece, which to date, has best explained the entire phenomenon, and why Donald has struck so many right where they live, and why he might be more conservative and constitutional than – not merely the left – but even more so, the supposed “conservatives who claim to be all about principle.  Here’s a taste:


Da Miles

Milo, Crazy Cocker, Milo Hamilton, Bye-Bye Dawg . . .

He answered to them all – it was my voice.  He was a rescued dog, really – family had had him but they had no clue as to how to discipline and train a happy dog.  To them he was a hellion on four legs.  I was asked – do you want him?  Or he is going to the pound.

I knew Milo from our visits.  I have a “doggie voice” I use that all dogs warm to – especially Milo.  He was 6 when we got them, he passed today 9 days short of his 13th birthday.  Walked over, lay near our feet, went to sleep, and simply, quietly, left us.

I am not doing a requiem for a dog here – just putting up a post for myself about my good buddy for 7 years and 7 months  He was, as I called him at times – a really good piece of dog meat.

I shall miss him much.