Tim & God

Of course, in the minds of most – their attitudes on Tebow have distilled to an irrational dislike for man whose traits they say they admire.

Can’t be a quarterback.  Led Denver to the playoffs in 2012 after the team had a terrible first half under someone forgotten who was a far worse QB than Tebow is accused of being.  Nothing special, eh?  Then in overtime against the Steelers, threw a 30 yard pass that Demaryius Thomas ran for an additional 50 yards for the winning OT touchdown on the first play of OT – after leading Denver to three overtime wins in the regular season just to get to the playoffs!

The response from the “experts?”  Brady tattooed them the next week, so nothing Tim did previous that year was of any worth.  Of course, Brady wipes out damn near everyone – so what’s the deal?  I’m old enough to remember the critics dissing Johnny Unitas for being too slow, undisciplined, wearing the ugly high-toppers, and too dependent on the pass.  Yeah – Johnny U – the NFL equivalent of Michael Jordan – putting the NFL on the map of real professional, major league sports – was a real bust, going from sandlot football to the greatest game ever played.  Need I mention that was an “overtime” game as well?  He was just short of his 26th birthday.  What took him so long?  No matter.

The personalities at ESPN have been particularly disparaging of Tebow even taking a breath, and specifically (this time, again!) his baseball tryout.  Don’t recall any of them being appointed as Sheriff of Shit, so their pontifications are what is marking ESPN as the CNN of sports.  Stephen A. Smith – a blatant racist – actually said Tebow’s workout was an offense to him, because he (Smith) – ONCE played baseball somewhere – which is  obviously very un-noteworthy in the annals of baseball history.  Smith is a loud mouth black clown, akin to the sports version of Al Sharpton – especially shrill and eminently ignorable.

The real reason Tim Tebow is so hated by the establishment sport reporting community?

Right here:

Image result for picture - tim tebow kneeling

He is unabashedly a Christian – in attitude and in spirit.  They hate him for being so public saying so.  They defend a black thug playing football after he beat the shit out of his wife, but T2 kneeling to thank God is an offense to them.  What mental and spiritual midgets!

Tim has done more for the human race in suffering in his Christian missionary activity, than the entire clan of clownish sports commentators will in all of their lives combined.  And likewise, he has been more successful in real life than ALL of his critics.

I am pleased that the Red Sox scout Tom Kotchman is enthused.  He sounds, unlike all the critics, eminently reasonable.  He’ll be there at the tryout today, with blessing of Dombrowski and the front office.  The best of brains in the Minnesota Twin organization thought Davy Arias would pretty much amount to nothing, and traded him to the Red Sox in 2003, when Arias was 27.

Of course, we ALL know him NOW, as does all of baseball, and the Minnesota Twins organization in particular,  as David Ortiz – Big Papi.

Ahhh . . . Ooooops!

And yet again (as they have for 13 years) the Twins responded – “No comment.”

Too funny!

Go Tim!


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