Welpers . . .

I was wondering with what topic I might break in the “revised” site.  I had to be rid of the old underlying motions for the site, and either ditch it, or turn it in a different direction.  I chose the latter.  As to a “topic” – whoa! – a real doozy just dropped in my lap the last few days.  I am just going to throw it all out there, the three perspectives, and let readers decide for themselves.  Have I?  Yes.  Anyway – buckle up!  There is no order of preference.

#1.  Donald Douglas  (be sure to read the piece by Joseph Sobran!)

#2.  Paul Gottfried

#3.  Theodore Beale, aka Vox Day

For fun, I would add Hillary’s speech the other night, but it was quickly clear that neither she nor her staff had a clue to begin with, nor how much she totally embarrassed herself.

In the interest of those unaware of history, I add the following:




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