Boston Red Sox – 104-49

Clinched AL Eastern Division (3rd straight year)

Red Sox 11   Yankees  6


Ah, Yes . . .

Been patiently awaiting this day – interesting . . .

4/30/18 – Red Carpet

9/17/18 – Constitution Day, DECLAS, the 17th letter, and the Emmys.

There are no coincidences.  Enjoy the show.



I am not talking about a color.

I am speaking to a very disrespectful habit some people have.  Much like a dog that looks outside, sees a leaf fall, and barks his fool head off, so there are folks who, engaging in conversation, are what I call “yellers.”  They seem unable to talk at a moderate volume.  It is, in many ways, an “all or none” syndrome with them.

Now – let me say this much – I am not immune to raising my voice.  My very calling calls for me do so.  The preaching task is highly nuanced, and emphasis needed at certain times.  I am not speaking to the rantings of heretics, and those who have little talent from the pulpit save for as extraordinary loudness – which I suppose they have mistakenly taken to be talent.  It is not.  It is just loud, and bothersome.  Yes, if “Mah Pug” ignores a command the first time, I raise my voice a few decibels.  He understands that in short order, as in “immediately.”

And there are those whose favorite past-time is to argue very loudly!  I stay at normal conversational volume in response.  If it gets out of hand, I invariably walk away.  I’ve no need for such nonsense.  Unfortunately, such folks feel the need to follow you and continue at near the top of their voice.  They mistake volume for intelligence.  Commonly seen in the perpetually angry, and the new breed of the PC – better known as SJW’s – who are always wrong but insist at the top of their voices they are authorities, and any who disagree, are idiots.  I wish SJW’s release from their demons.

But there are those who are just loud seemingly by their nature.  At or near 60 decibels is a normal conversation.  These folks are 90+ decibels in conversation, and everything they do is loud.  Doors – always half-slammed.  The fridge you can hear closed all throughout the first floor.  Microwave doors – sheesh.  Closet doors or using dishes or pans out of the closet – a cacophony of noise.  If they do the dishes – seek relief outside or on the second floor of the joint.

I use my headphones for my music, and when I hear all that other noise over my music . . . arrrgh!  Add to it 4 dogs that shrilly bark at a leaf falling (Da Pug ain’t capable of any volume), and folks wonder why I preferred the heat at my desk in the garage.

Heat is, if nothing else, quiet. Ironically, I have reduced hearing.  Gee – I wonder why?



My apologies up front for being a Luddite.

I have never signed on to a single “social platform.”  One didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand they were gathering personal information without permission.  Those who observed the very founding of FB, and the clear hand-off from gummint intelligence to some “innocent” (wink, wink) kid to become a billionaire, experienced a semi-permanent paralysis after raising their eyebrows initially.  Their reckonings, even back then, were more than prescient.  Of late, vindication, while slow in coming, has arrived.  Of course, the prospect of gummint stepping in with yet another of its solutions is hardly comforting or even remotely re-assuring.

Z Man concludes:

“The result of tighter property laws, with regards to personal information, would be the end of social media as a profitable business. No one should weep for them as they are not technology companies in the conventional sense. They are parasites that exploit bottlenecks and gaps in the law to skim from the public. The internet was much more free wheeling and open without companies like Google and Facebook. The reason for that is there were no stick up men creating bottlenecks in order to rob the users.”

Read the entire piece.

And if you cannot live without being on the social platforms, whose fault is that?

Got Asked . . .

Am I aware of what is really going on?

Short answer – yes– and long before most.  Long answer – the same.

Before I go further, an explanation.  In my senior year of high school, I took a delayed enlistment with the AF.  I didn’t have to do so – my draft number was 3 times higher than the cut-off, but the men in my family have always served.  After high school graduation, with a brief hiatus working, I completed my enlistment, and after Basic and Tech School, I found myself on a fully loaded 747, seated next to a Syrian Orthodox priest, on my way to Turkey.

It could have been Viet Nam.  Instead, as I learned over time, I was a cog in the machine of another war – the Arab-Israeli War of 1973, of which had been building and has never truly wound down.  Of course, America was never said to be a participant.  I shall leave that – there.

After my Honorable Discharge, I used my GI Bill benefits to hit the classrooms of higher education.  History and Political Science.  Then, my last two years, theological studies of the Confessional Lutheran sort, along with many classes in Koine Greek.  I had 4 “majors” – all assisting me on the pre-ministerial course to our Seminary in Fort Wayne.  Married, raising two young sons, working 30 hours a week, and managing to play varsity baseball each fall and spring, I graduated Cum Laude.  Seminary, coupled with 40+ hours of work – 4 years later – Magna Cum Laude, Holy Ordination, and my first Call.

I have, since that date, made full use of all of my schooling.  My Divine Call as a Pastor demanded that I be attentive to not only the heavy theological matters that come part and parcel with the calling, but also, the responsibility being aware of matters political and historical in the present tense.  A lot of hats to wear.

So for the last 32+ years, in the reading of only God knows how many books on both Kingdoms, I have labored in both the Kingdom of the Left and the Kingdom of the Right, and I learned much (some days too much, it seems).  I have seen things I wish upon no other human being.  I have found myself having to solve some of those horrendous dilemmas.  I learned long ago to observe and keep the proper distinctions between the Two Kingdoms.  That has proven to be of benefit as I gaze out over a western landscape that seem to be determined to be post-Christian, post-western, and post-modern.  I would add one more – post civilization.  It is a very sad state of affairs.

So, to this day, yes, I am “aware.”  More than I care to be, truthfully, many days.  I have two dear friends – both of the two-Kingdom mindset.  One is not trained to see what I see, so I guide best I am able.  The other friend is a “same-page” sort.  He is a wunderkind!


Needless to say, the issue of “Q” gets raised by others I know or speak to online and off.  My stock answer is “Go discover for yourself.”  What astounds me is that the large majority merely use the old CIA-coined term – “Conspiracy theory” (which was used to cover up any unexpected secret doings that organization has been doing for decades), and choose to be ignorant.  When I began investigating Q many months ago, I got a crash re-education course in military codes and lingo.  It was not nearly as difficult as my beginning Greek classes way back when.  But I discovered something more important – there was much to learn and digest and compare with real-time events.  Eerily so.

And of course, those who echo the MSM – even staunch conservatives – seem unable to either admit they do not have all the facts, or they haven’t bothered to “learn Q” – even if to object in a knowledgeable way.  They are the willingly ignorant.


This weird collar I still wear demands I be aware – I do my best.  The MSM, who seems awfully worried about this conspiracy theory, have gone out of their way, in extraordinary fashion, to diminish Q.  Odd, that.  But despite their coordinated attack pieces, it is most interesting not one of them asks – “Who is Q?”  Interesting in and of itself.  It is almost “conspiratorial.”  Heh!

For any who would like to begin to understand, Praying Medic has a tutorial, and regular video updates a number of times each week.  He is the last individual removed from a raving maniac and helped me get my feet wet.  And – as one sorta in the know about such things – he has a great voice.


The verse below was originally directed at the Pharisees for their rank rejection of Jesus as the Christ, but the echoes of the words also lead one to an understanding of the complete fulfillment of the Incarnation . . .

“And in the morning, ‘There will be a storm today, for the sky is red and threatening.’ Do you know how to discern the appearance of the sky, but cannot discern the signs of the times?”  (Jesus – Matthew 16:3)



You Are What You Consume – It Ain’t Just Food!

My main food groups, not necessarily in order, are:

Bacon, beef, pork, chicken, cheese, bacon, eggs fried in bacon grease and butter (everything fried in butter!) all vegetables, bananas, spuds, angel hair pasta with sweet ground Italian sausage and also some bacon in the sketti sauce, along with some garlic bread.

Beverages – iced coffee, large mug, 3x a day; my brewskis (I don’t count them – they are my primary carb consumption), and an occasional glass of water.

Got a complete physical a few years back for my hernia surgery, and the physician (a resident), asked me about my diet, and he went apoplectic as I rattled off the list above.

He took every test known to man, and shook his head as he read off the results.  Then I mentioned I am a pack-a-day smoker and have been since my days in the AF 45 years ago.  His eyes looked like he borrowed them from Adam Schiff!  He admitted my every test showed me well within the normal range for a man half my age.

I just asked him if he thought I was going to live fer a spell longer.  cool


That was my response at one of my daily haunts about the new push (again!) by the food industry, backed by “studies” in which everyone fudges, about the supposed need for half the diet or more being carbohydrates.

Hello body fat and diabetes!


When I entered the AF, I weighed 140 at 6′ 1″.  I gained a whole 10 pounds being on 3 squares for 6 weeks.  But back then, military diets were high in carbs, because that is what the Food Pyramid Gospel taught.  In two weeks, I was back to 140.  Stayed there.  I eat breads, love angel haired pasta and mac ‘n’ cheese.  But carbs have always been less than 30% of my diet.  When I was active in sports, I would increase my carb intake the day or two before basketball or baseball games, which I played year round until I was over 50.  Energy food – I’d get up to 155 before competition.  Afterwards, yeppers, back down to ye olde 140.

I am almost 66.  I am barely a tad over 6 feet now – shrinkage due to last summer’s backward bounce down half a flight of stairs resulting in two fractured lower left ribs around back, and a couple of cervical vertebrae cracks.  But still at – you guessed – 140.  I eschewed weights and jogging as a younger man – I did my old military routine of push-ups and sit ups, and of course, all of the practice training and workouts from both baseball and basketball.  And I kept to the 30% carbs or less daily almost instinctively.  Before anyone heard of Atkins or the Keto diets, I knew that animal fat burned body fat and that lotsa protein repaired torn muscles from sports activities.

And I drank my beer – still do.  Oooooh – my bad!  Not really, if one bothers to take the time to research a bit.  My VA docs frown on that, as they do my diet, so I ask them for their vitals.  Usually ends that discussion right on the spot.  The one resident I mentioned regarding my physical did a full liver scan as well – I guess he had to find something wrong.  FAIL.


My body and I came to very amicable terms when I was young.  My body would say – feed me this – so I did.  I am roughly around 30% carbs – bread, pasta and beer) a day, and 70% animal protein and fat.  I have zero digestive problems – unless I drink way too much OJ, which I am wont to do from time to time.  Then I get the burpies fer a spell.  I sleep 8-9 hours now, rather than the 6-7 hours a night when I was active in the Holy Ministry and sports.  I do simple exercises, walk a lot.  I almost never get a cold, don’t think I have ever had “the flu” – whatever that is!  Thought I did once one Sunday, right between the two services when I got real woozy.  I had a huge sinus infection.  Since I rarely take pills of any kind, the ampicillin knocked that out in 2 days.

Of course, I am a theologian by trade, and I know better than most that I could pass in my sleep tonight.  I would not feel short-changed in the least – I have seen the best of the best and the worst of the worst, and the whole muddle in-between.  I work hard every day at St. Paul’s excellent advice in Romans 12:18:

“If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”

I love my Lord; I dearly miss My Beloved; my Pug and I are best of buds, and as crazy as we can all be some days, at peace with all in my fam – even those that don’t want to be at peace.  That’s their call, not mine.

As a pastor, father, and husband, it has been impossible to avoid stress.  But stress is a good thing.  It helps one think creatively – especially at ways to resolve whatever stress.  No “saint” beyond that of one in the faith here – believe me – but I live at peace and sleep peacefully every night.  All bodily mechanisms function just as designed.

Everyone always talks about desiring happiness.  I hold that will occur on “That Day” – as Luther always referenced the Parousia.  I am, in the full Biblical context – content.  It is sufficient for the day.

Works for me.  Pax.