Totally Bored!

With too much news.

On the politico-criminal front – there are scads (meaning many!) of things going on, and more in the offing quite soon, as in the immediate AM.  At once intriguing . . . and boring already.

On the theological front, things are just as numerous and fluid, if not moreso.

And I don’t care.  Not one whit.  I feel compelled to write about neither.  Have a “sermon” in process – but the reality of the last week outstripped the urge to address matters from the Lord’s perspective.  I am retired, after all, so it’s not like I gotta “get one out” by 8 am Sunday morning as I once did, sometimes without sleep.

I have just lost the urge to write.  Chalk it up to being numbed at the voluminosity of news floating around out there.  Said loss of desire may last for a week, or more, or less.  I never know.  My last piece (2nd below) was from almost 16 years ago.  Liked it then, and given the current state of matters, like it even more now.

I watch other sites literally flail away trying to “produce new news.”  Solomon once addressed that phenomenon.  Something about “nothing new” – and I am greatly inclined to give the old boy the nod on that count (I must, actually, given what I do and am).

I have, however, gotten into a number of “conversations” with those identifying as “conservatives” in recent days at various sites.  I have come to realize that a huge percentage of “conservatives” per se, would not know Russell “Mr. Mecosta” Kirk were he to slap them up side of the head with his “Conservative Theses,”  and no, I am not going to be bothered to link them for those too lazy to do the most simplistic of internet searches.  Why should I?  They are too lazy to even learn for themselves.  BTW – although I never met the man while alive, I lived not far from his home for a good while.  To watch today’s amateur conservatives shimmy and dance as though they have something “new” to say, is to betray their complete lack of conservative credentials.  They even lack the meaning of the word “conservative.”  Cardboard cut-outs.

And it is NOT my job to correct them.  Nor would I otherwise, because they are little different from their “almost cousins” on the commie left.  They most certainly don’t get that, as most do not get that.  Most who are identified as “conservative” have converged with those of the commie left, and are functionally useless.  The priceless few who are true, unreconstructed conservatives – are jewels.  Those folks I treasure and read with wild abandon.  Who are they?  Well – first – go and learn what a true conservative is!  Then, you will know them when you read them, or talk with them.  I am not going to do YOUR homework.

I do hold that the Donald is the last hope for a “Constitutional America.”  That becomes more and more evident with each passing day, and with every objection to the contrary from our dreary, ED-afflicted media.  I’ve seen firmer noodles in a can of Campbell’s “cooked into complete submission” Chicken Noodle Soup than in the American MSM.  They are little but gummint or deep-state sycophants with scripts in hand.  No longer is it merely “dems versus us.”  In a twist of Pogo’s observation – “We have met the enemy, and became them.”  Nothing more or less.  The media are/is (go figure that grammatical quagmire out for yourself) but one cut above hand puppets.  They do, after all, move on their own.

Isn’t that just so “speshul?!”

And if you perhaps find some news out of the ordinary – rest assured – you will be labeled a “conspiracy theorist” – thanks to the CIA’s coinage of the term, which is ironic beyond measure!  Fran discussed that kind of irony Sunday morning on a somewhat similar topic.  I can’t say I think at his level, and I dang sure don’t write at his level.  But we do mentally bump into each other often.  And I always get “the more” for the bump.

I have a friend who maintains I try to keep up with too much for too long.  I cannot dispute her constructive criticism.  But I have in the past confessed my addiction to “keeping on keeping on” tracking the news on both the political and theological fronts.  I suppose I live out Augustine’s “Two Cities/Two Kingdoms” in its fullest sense..  It is real, and it is tiresome beyond measure.

Whatever.  I am at once incredibly tired of it all, and yet, somehow energized by forcing myself to write of it.  Sweet Jesus, I am keyboard bi-polar.

On that thought, I am going to trot off to bed.  It’s late.



Falling in Love . . . Again!

Once you do, you can never go back to the past.

I liken it best to finally having been freed from a domineering shrew, and discovering the sweet intoxication of loving a woman to whom you wish to give your all, and who likewise, has an intensity and burning passion to give you all her treasures.

Once upon a time, she was the handmaiden of all. She was worshipped by all, and men far and wide lavished their affection upon this woman. She never wavered, and she freely loved back with an intensity that only grew with each new day. Being in her presence was like breathing fresh air, like having all the hopes and dreams of life placed at your doorstep–yours for the taking. Men spoke of her as if she were an ancient Goddess of ultimate beauty, and in truth, she was.

No one else could ever match her charms or favors. To those blessed to know her, life took on a new and wonderful meaning. There was nothing anyone would not do for her, and she stood naked and unashamed before all, and yet none felt any shame or embarrassment when gazing upon her wonderful form. The famous Venus d’ Milo or Helen of Troy were but mere shadows by comparison.

Yet, as there are men who are cads–adulterers of all that is sacrosanct in a relationship, so there arose the unfaithful, who claimed the Lady’s treasure as their own when it suited them, but who began secretly abusing her. She resisted, proud Lady that she is, but eventually, she was almost overcome entirely. Her beauty was no longer the object of desire, her plaintive plea for attention to those who once loved her, fell upon deaf ears. She was virtually put away, like those in previous ages who were involuntarily placed in a nunnery. She began fading from memories as the harlots with their lewd proposals lacking any substance or promise, drew the attention of all. Most did not bother to gaze upon her lovely features anymore. They simply forgot about the most beautiful woman of all.

Most, but not all. Some remembered. Others later discovered her incredible beauty, and were amazed and taken aback that such a woman could have been forgotten. They fell in love with her as had happened many years ago, and they cannot stop themselves from speaking of her and gazing upon her features. As any man in love, they could see nothing but perfection, except, she really is perfection. The few now enjoy her treasures, despite the difficulty of navigating through the trolling harlots on every street corner of life. Those who love her, see no woman but her now. They are in love for good. To know her is to love her.

The Lady’s name?


Good News?

Sports Fans –

I will always be glad for the “little victories along the way” so to speak.  But I also keep in mind always, as a theologian of decent rank, that the “political arena” – as in the theological arena” – is fraught with fake, “forced” compromises.

Exhibit A?  This excellent article.  It is well worth the read, and calls us to remember the need for vigilance on all fronts – theological, or as in this particular case, political.

It was news everywhere yesterday.  This bint’s reaction was so predictable as to be laughable – but it exemplifies precisely why I hold Kennedy merely “kicked the can down the road.”  Comments are all over, questioning how the 7-2 decision could be called “narrow.”  The answer is quite elementary, and can seen here in the words of Justice Kennedy (may he retire soon!), as I wrote in a post to a friend:


Under the court’s precedents, Kennedy pointed out, a business owner could in fact be forced to act against his religion but not because of state ‘hostility’ toward his religion.

Precisely what I said yesterday.  Kennedy did not rule in favor of the 1st Amendment.  But he goes on:

“The reason and motive for the baker’s refusal were based on his sincere religious beliefs and convictions,” Kennedy said. “The Court’s precedents make clear that the baker, in his capac­ity as the owner of a business serving the public, might have his right to the free exercise of religion limited by generally applicable laws.

“Still, the delicate question of when the free exercise of his religion must yield to an otherwise valid exercise of state power needed to be de­termined in an adjudication in which religious hostility on the part of the State itself would not be a factor in the balance the State sought to reach,” said Kennedy.

Catch that?  

“. . . de­termined in an adjudication in which religious hostility on the part of the State itself would not be a factor in the balance the State sought to reach.”

It is not the issue of rights, but that, literally, the state acted mean and vindictive.  Had the state simply insisted without levying extra rulings and fines, Kennedy would have ruled against the Cake Baker.  So the case was NOT about the 1st Amendment as all the wagging tongues have said.  So there is no precedent being set.  Clarence Thomas, while voting with the majority, as did Gorsuch and Alito,  wrote a dissent arguing that the case be used as a 1st Amendment “precedent” – which would then reinforce the rights of all not to be forced by the state into doing something against their faith.  Alito and Gorsuch concurred with Thomas’ opinion.

The cake baker, essentially, got off on a technicality.  No precedent set; no real connection to the 1st Amendment.  Kennedy just slapped the hand of the Civil Rights Commission in Colorado and said – “You must be kinder and gentler as you deny a citizen his rights.”


It was a good day for cake baker Jack Phillips – no denying that.  But the actual reality of yesterday’s “decision” was SCOTUS issuing a ruling that actually had nothing whatsoever to do with the 1st Amendment and Freedom of Religion.  Quite the opposite – it cautioned the “state” against being too forceful or vindictive in dictating the demands of the state as the “state” eliminates a citizen’s right(s).  Thomas, with Gorsuch and Alito concurring, was correct in saying the case should set precedent.

It missed being a “Pyrrhic” victory only to the extent that Phillips was absolved in the end.  There is no other “victory” in any of it – most certainly not in favor of the 1st Amendment.


The ever-mystic “Q” – most often accused of LARPing, predicted  “4 Booms” this past Sunday.  I have followed his postings (not necessarily of the anons), for quite some time.  Q does not make the task of “getting it” difficult – it is difficult to get to begin with.

I have cautioned patience on every site I visit – but the knee-jerkers want Hillary’s head, or Sessions’ head.  They are, quite frankly, idiots.  As I survey the landscape, we have this one chance President Trump is trying to provide, to get matters done right.  That means air-tight cases – which we are beginning to see in the various plea-bargains and requests for immunity.  Yet there are those who still imagine themselves untouchable.  They always have been, they figure, and so things go on . . . until they can go on no longer.

This morning I posted a friend with the Q “Booms” as I saw them.  They are as follows:

This a certified “BOOM!”  The author of the piece follows  and shows how this one was predicted.

I am pretty sure the Awan Brothers/Wasserman Schultz deal – Awan’s took a plea deal was another BOOM.

McCabe asking for immunity to flip – he’s dead in the water, and he is a big fish – Comey, Hillary – and with that news, came this news.  Boom!

And I think that at the bottom of the first article up above – we may be seeing the 4th BOOM Q predicted.

Mrs. Feinstein.

And there was this sick shyte . . .

Sports Fans – things are happening we never imagined would ever happen in America.  I frankly do not care if you follow Q or not, or what you think of him.  All I know is I have been way ahead of the curve on just about everything.  Make of that what you will – I could care less.


Q makes no pretense, but to warn us of things we cannot imagine.  It is entirely our own call, and far too many choose to ignore what he says, while calling for the very same things he says are coming.  I find it hilariously sad.

There is a synchronicity to all that is happening.  And it is happening, with or without the opinions of those who act as though they know it all.  This most certainly is NOT business as usual, and those who act as though it is . . . their call.

If this week has not made matters clear, I do not know what to add.  It is what it is.  People choose to be ignorant until they cannot – but apparently, that is what it will take for most folks.

As my Good Buddy Seb always says – “Keep your head up!”





St. John –

My friend – I started to write a response to your comment after my most previous post, and it got so long I decided to put it up here.  You wrote:

You’re correct, JB, I did find that interesting. I must say, though, that I find the whole beatification process, as utilized within the Catholic church, to be somewhat of a false glorification of mere mortals who were simply good Christian men. While there is no doubt in my mind that Chesterton’s witness to the world was indeed large, and that men and women have come to Christ because of his writings, conferring “sainthood” on the man is not what lifts Chesterton up to the angels, but rather it is Our Father and His Son, through the workings of the Holy Spirit, which lifted Chesterton’s voice and carried it out to the world for witness. As such, Chesterton can indeed inspire us to speak freely, truthfully, and with humble conviction of the salvation offered to us through Jesus Christ, God made man, no sainthood required.  


John – your assessment is correct – that only in Christ, and not of one’s merits, is the issue. But I take a moderating position on the issue of beatification, for the sake of clarity, and charity.  Your one “miss” as it were, are your last three words.

What you describe as that which lifted GKC to the Heavenlies, is actually the essence of true sainthood for ALL the faithful!  All in Christ are properly “Saints.” Were Chesterton to get wind of his potential  and “special” beatification, I am certain his reply would be:

“Who? Me!? Pshaw!!  I did what I was given to do!”

We all routinely, Catholic and non-catholic alike, refer to the Apostles as “Saints” almost without a thought. We are called to look to the example of stalwarts in the Faith. It calls to mind the entire scope of the Transfiguration – which indeed, for the Apostles, was the “We beheld His glory” of the prologue to St. John’s Gospel.  St. John was there on the Mount.  But – it also revealed the transfigured state of Moses and Elijah to the Apostles. That is not insignificant!

The focus must be, as is my total and complete aim in preaching and teaching, the true “beatification” of ALL who “Follow Jesus.”  We were created unto Him for good works, as St. Paul wrote.  We who are still in our mortal coils wrestle long and hard with that, and yet it is the true “exercise” of the One Holy Faith.  All in Christ are Saints.  There is the heart of the Gospel.  We are holy and sanctified, as the Word tells us.  And each of us have been given various gifts, and not to all the same gifts.  And we are to use those gifts faithfully, to further the Gospel of salvation.  Our task as “saints” – no more, no less.  Consider the parable of the talents.  The first did better than the second – clearly marking a “difference” in quantity regarding faithfulness (notice, I did not say “quality”).  The only one who was  condemned was the one who buried his, for his own reasonings.  Jesus understood and used earthly examples of such distinctions.

We rightly temper that with the Parable of the Vineyard – even those arriving for work late in the day got a denarius.  In that – Jesus taught that “salvation” is to all who come to Him in faith, no matter at which late date in their lives.

We in Christ, are saints, John.  Plain and simple, and precisely why I entitled this piece as I did.  “Saint” is derived from sanctified – set aside – holy – sanctus in Latin – ἅγιος in Greek – the most holy.  That’s what we are, Good Buddy.  Saints.  Scripture is clear on that.

Of course, neither you nor I would dare present ourselves as a Chesterton or Luther or Aquinas, nor would I as preacher do so as a St. John “Golden Mouth” Chrysostom. I have been “lauded” before for sermons and their delivery, but hey! – I don’t even like the recorded sound of my voice!  Certain men had certain gifts and human talents that did, and do stand out.

I’ll admit – St. Gilbert Keith would take some getting used to, but I don’t sweat it – I know the message the man carried forth!  There is the heart of the matter.

He was about elevating others to the Christ, who was elevated on Calvary for all.

Might we all be about that task as the ἅγιος of God!

St. Jeffrey